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RFID: Embedded Everywhere?
You may have come in contact with RFID (radio-frequency identification) at some point in the past year. Maybe you have realized it, attaching an RFID-enabled ID badge to yourself at work or even on your child as you send them off to school. Or maybe it has been more obscure, embedded in a wristband you donned when you hit a theme park or concert this past summer. The trend, as of late, is clear: RFID is blending into our everyday lives.

M2M Ensures Safety on a Plane
The next time you jump on an airplane, take a look around. Everything from the life vests, to the oxygen masks, to the security lighting could be embedded with M2M. This technology, however, is not targeted to the flyers and isn’t even necessarily used when the plane is in flight.

Summer Festivals Get Connected with RFID
RFID is one of the hottest accessories at festivals this summer, granting attendees access to certain areas and even in some cases allowing cashless payments. If you sported a wristband at an event this year, chances are it may have been embedded with connected M2M technology. But these bracelets don’t just benefit the event organizers; the wristbands also create a more engaging experience for festival goers.

The Key to Success: Analytics
The combination of connected devices, M2M, and analytics can enable better business processes. This is the crux of the message UPS’ Jack Levis delivered at the Connected World Conference earlier this month. In fact, he was even as bold as to say organizations with a higher ROI (return on investment) are more likely to use analytics.

Google Glass Finds a Fit in Business
By this point in time, you have likely heard about Google Glass, a device that leverages a head-mounted display offering a look into virtual reality. But the future of such wearable technology and AR (augmented reality) remains a bit uncertain with adoption rates still low. Will Google Glass find widespread interest among consumers when it finally hits stores? Possibly although the benefits for businesses could be a key driver for the technology going forward.

M2M Serves Beverages on St. Patrick’s Day
A new craze is hitting pubs all across the country—self-serve beer and wine stations. As consumers are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, M2M technology will allow some bar patrons to stop spending so much time in lines waiting for beverages and instead grab a drink from a beer station.

M2M Sterilizes Surgical Tools
As M2M and connected devices become more prevalent, intelligent robots could soon be your colleague, helping with arduous tasks. This certainly seems to be the case in industries such as healthcare and manufacturing, to name just a few. One company is developing a machine that is able to locate, sort, and sterilize medical equipment with very little oversight.

RFID at Hospitals
Chances are you have heard about the schools in Texas that are using RFID (radio-frequency identification) to track students. But this isn’t the only place you might come into contact with RFID. From hospitals to jobsites, RFID is more commonly keeping an eye on loved ones at work and at home.

RFID Keeps Track of Baggage
Air travel is a fact of life for many people. Whether they’re traveling for business, to visit relatives, or simply for fun, people are taking to the air, and they are hoping for a good travel experience.

Take Control of Your Charge
Smartphones and tablets are not the only connected devices today’s consumers are using. In fact, the vehicles we drive are becoming increasingly connected—and, in some cases, these connected cars are also electric. Before EVs (electric vehicles) can become truly accepted by the mainstream, however, consumers need to feel confident the EV-charging infrastructure can support their vehicles.

NFC on the World Stage
Just when we thought NFC (near-field communication) couldn’t receive any more hype, some really cool new applications prove the technology has myriad uses, even beyond the mobile wallet. The acronym has generated a great deal of buzz around M2M (machine-to-machine) and the connected-devices, and thanks to new, innovative ideas being implemented around the world, the technology is becoming more widely recognized, accepted, and desired.

Smart Trash Solutions
Most of us probably don’t think too much about our trash and recycling. We throw it in the bin, push it to the curb, and that’s that. But some companies are devoting a lot of thought to this topic. They are coming up with solutions to use connected technology to make waste collection more advanced.

Make Way for High-Tech Retail
The holiday season is officially underway in the U.S., and it’s already clear that connected devices and technologies will play a big role in the shopping season this year. Consumers are not only buying technology, they are using it to make buying decisions, and retailers are even using it to sell.

M2M Powers ‘Smart’ Citizenship
“Smart” devices and solutions not only help us in our day-to-day lives, they can help us be more socially responsible. Take, for instance, the benefits of an RFID-based solution that enables recycling incentive programs; or a smart-metering solution that helps consumers more carefully monitor their energy use. These are just two examples of how M2M (machine-to-machine) technology can make a difference on a local and individual level. But it doesn’t stop there; M2M is also being harnessed to promote “smart” social responsibility on a more global scale.

RFID for Retail
With the holiday season just around the corner, retail outlets are preparing for the deluge of customers that are going to hit the shopping circuit. One way retail outlets can better serve customers and drive sales is by ensuring they have the right product in the right place at the right time.
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