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Offender Tracking Tech Enhances Public Safety
When it comes to public safety, there is little to no room for error. Luckily, in today’s connected world, there are connected devices and solutions that make it possible for health and safety professionals such as first responders and law-enforcement officials, among others, to access the realtime data they need to respond to emergencies and to keep the public as safe as possible.

Health Providers Turn to M2M
When industry players discuss growth opportunities in M2M, healthcare is one area that’s nearly always mentioned. Because data has the power to transform many facets of the healthcare paradigm, it’s just a matter of time before the way mainstream society consumes health services is forever changed—and enhanced—as a result of M2M technology and connected devices and solutions.

Evoz, Baby Monitors and Beyond
Behind every great M2M solution is a data-driven service platform, because, in the end, it’s all about the data. From connected solutions that help you keep track of your assets, to those that help you keep track of your children and your home, M2M-generated data can provide insight and peace of mind where there was none before.

Connecting Equipment in the Field
Major tech firms have been pushing further into M2M and the Internet of Things, rolling out new solutions aimed at simplifying deployment and management of devices. These solutions go to the heart of business needs, putting data to work to improve operations.

M2M Protects Your “Brain”
Mobile devices aren’t necessarily the lifeblood of modern society, but it can be argued they’re becoming its collective brain. Much like the brain sends and processes information in the body, mobile devices help us all do the same. And to say the least, it’s always important to protect your brain. That’s where M2M and MSM (mobile security management) come in.

M2M Eases Driving Concerns
Today’s drivers have a lot of on their minds: the cost of gas has gone up, distracted driving has increased as consumers search for ways to multitask behind the wheel, and the roads have become more congested. Add in the fact that roughly nine out of 10 motorists are more reliant on their car today than 25 years ago, and these driving worries become a top priority for many.

Creating Smarter Communities
As M2M becomes more prevalent, it’s being integrated into buildings, homes, and cities to create more connected living environments. The market is looking for examples of these technologies, showcases where people can see what’s possible and how a smarter city could actually work.

M2M Keeps Watchful Eye on Water
When a heat wave strikes, what do you do? Most people likely turn on the air conditioning. Others might run the sprinklers more frequently to keep the grass green, or fill up the kiddie pool to keep cool outdoors. Whatever your practice, it is likely having some sort of impact on the electric grid or water infrastructure this summer, as you are trying to keep cool.

Sensors For Structures
Structural failures can lead to tragedy on a horrific scale. But perhaps the most tragic element of all is how preventable bridge or building collapses can be. Truth be told, proper upkeep on these structures can save lives. Thankfully, a new M2M solution is letting engineers know when repairs and upkeep need to take place.

Promoting Transportation Safety
Transportation safety is on the minds of many this week. In light of plane crashes in San Francisco and Soldotna, Alaska, and a train derailment in Quebec, people are asking questions about how to improve procedures and promote safety. For both air and train travel, M2M technology is providing solutions that help in the fight for maximum protection from disaster.

Connected Device Soars over the Alps
When considering automated flying devices, or even UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), it might be a little too tempting to stereotype them as big toys. Most of us played with, or at the very least saw a remote controlled car, boat, or plane during our childhood. To some, this branch of M2M technology might simply come off like a line of incredibly expensive toys.

Creating a Monitored Community
M2M technology solutions can collect a lot of data, but the question remains: What should be done with the information? More communities are turning to M2M to monitor and control a variety of systems, such as energy and utilities, healthcare, security, and water. Solutions for collecting data and putting it to effective use are a hallmark of a successful implementation.

Protect the Planet with M2M
Demand for water is only growing, especially as the world’s population continues to explode. One place this is very apparent is in India. As the water suppliers are faced with the need to manage the resource as efficiently as possible, M2M and smart water meters are coming onto the scene in a big way in India, as a means to reduce water loss.

Smart Parking Eases Congestion
Nobody likes searching for a parking space. But an M2M-enabled smart parking system aims to make the process a little easier. With connected technology, both parking administrators and drivers benefit from a more seamless experience.

M2M Impacts Government, Smart Cities
M2M technology can be helpful in a number of realms, according to recently released research studies. Government can benefit from solutions catering to the public sector, while similar technologies are also being put in place to create smart, more connected cities.
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