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Sequans’ Colibri Opens Door for LTE in M2M
The great debate about LTE (long-term evolution) and M2M rages on, but the fact 4G speeds are not always necessary to enable IoT (Internet of Things) applications doesn’t stop many end users from adopting the latest generation of the technology. What if price were not a factor? Would more M2M/IoT companies adopt 4G/LTE to future-proof their solutions?

ORBCOMM Extends Reach in Government Market
Asset-tracking solutions impact many industries, from small businesses operating a fleet of 10 vehicles and some equipment to large-scale businesses involved in operations such as commercial transportation, vessel tracking, or homeland security. No matter what the size or scope of a business or organization, M2M solutions providing realtime GPS data for tracking and monitoring remote and fixed assets can add tremendous value.

Partnership Aims to Extend Broadband in India
In more places than ever before, broadband is being considered a necessity, rather than a luxury. As more processes move online, Internet access has become an important part of global communities’ economic development, as well as consumers’ personal and professional lives.

ORBCOMM To Launch Next-Gen Satellites
Do you have plans this Saturday? M2M-solution provider ORBCOMM,, does. The company will be expanding its commercial satellite network by launching six next-generation OG2 satellites from Cape Canaveral, Fla., and the world can watch in realtime.

Certifications Get a Boost
The FCC (Federal Communications Commission),, has a big job when it comes to certifying cellular signal boosters. The organization needs to carefully balance the needs of consumers with potential interference to the wireless networks. As such, it recently adopted a new regulatory framework.

NCR Provides Boost to CradlePoint
In a moved designed to extend its reach to better serve customers in various locations around the world, CradlePoint,, has enlisted the help of NCR Corp.,, to expand its field services and global support capabilities.

Partnership Ramps up M2M Ecosystem
Two major players in the tech world have combined efforts to streamline the M2M ecosystem into one package.

New Report Investigates Cybercrime
No matter the industry, security in today’s connected world is most likely a top-ranking concern. In fact, for consumers and businesses alike, the threat of data breaches and other cyber threats loom dangerously close. This is because, like the various technologies society uses on a daily basis, cybercrime seems to become more innovative with time.

More Than Standard Wi-Fi
At least as far back as 2010, analyst firms and industry experts were anticipating the number of connected devices would pass 20 billion by the year 2020. As some types of connected devices become ubiquitous—and as more types of devices become connected—it remains clear: end users need fast, reliable networks and well-performing devices.

Consortium to Drive Global Development
In the search for better ways to gather big data, several major technology industry heavyweights are putting their efforts together to improve the integration of the physical and digital spectrums to expand opportunities for businesses and organizations in global market development.

M2M Customers Outwit Weak Signals
In the ever-changing ecosystem of M2M and connected devices, there are some things that never change. For instance, M2M customers—regardless of which vertical market they fall into—need a strong, reliable connection so data can be collected and transmitted from their devices. This has always been true, and it always will be a fundamental requirement for successful M2M deployments, no matter how the market evolves.

Minimizing TCO in M2M
“A bright spot in the rapidly maturing mobile industry.” This is one of the many ways M2M has been described in 2014. With growth-projection numbers suggesting market revenues will reach nearly $45 billion within five years’ time, industry players are left wondering what steps to take in order to get their company to that next level. For some M2M customers, growth could come by taking a look at existing solutions and service agreements and finding ways to reduce TCO (total cost of ownership), thereby boosting the bottomline.

ORBCOMM Orbits with New Satellite Modems
ORBCOMM,, a provider of M2M solutions announced the production of its next generation of satellite modems, ideal for OEM (original-equipment manufacturers)-integration. OEM-integration into satellite M2M applications is intended for transportation and distribution, heavy equipment, and even government markets.

Router Pursues Trustworthy Data Delivery
The needs of today’s mobile workforce are of great concern to businesses that rely on workers’ ability to access data securely and reliably. Similarly, as businesses leverage M2M deployments to gather mission-critical data, the ability to manage this information—and turn it into value—becomes crucial.

T-Mobile Brings Cost Down for M2M Communication with eSIM
The cost of doing business in the M2M world between the United States and Canada just became a little more affordable. And, if things go as planned for T-Mobile,, companies in the rest of the world will be able to use its new wireless communication system to help the bottomline as well.
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