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Connected Classrooms
In a world where toddlers are choosing media tablets over shape sorters and tweens are getting iPhones for Christmas, it is only logical that technology would become an integral part of this generation’s education. And, according to a growing number of educators, that is actually a good thing.

Sparking a Fire in the Enterprise?
I know everyone is thinking movies, games, and music as they read all about the new family of Kindle Fire HD tablets announced this week,

Amazon Announces New Kindles
At a press conference today, Amazon,, announced its new lineup of Kindle devices including the newest generation Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and a new device, Kindle Paperwhite.

Devices at School
Connected devices in the classroom are becoming less and less of a taboo. In fact, many school districts are implementing programs within classroom walls that rely on students’ use of connected devices to enhance the learning process.

Winning with Wi-Fi
With more devices than ever offering a wireless connection, consumers expect to have access to their connected functions at all times. They want to check their email in the drive-through, buy some songs at the hair salon, or even unlock their front door at the dentist. Some users opt to purchase cellular connectivity for their devices, while others hop from one Wi-Fi network to another.

Ereaders Gain New Momentum
It’s not as if ereaders have suddenly burst onto the connected-device scene, but recent news certainly has some in the market taking even further notice of just how much momentum these devices seem to have going forward.

Sony Announces New Tablets, Ereader
The tablet market has been in a frenzy of hyperactivity lately, with HP pulling the plug on the TouchPad, then announcing it would crank out a few more units when deep discounts spurred sales of the devices. New tablets are also hitting the market in droves, including a model that folds in half like your old clamshell phone.

Are Students Ready for Ereaders?
It’s August, which for millions of students and parents means one thing: back to school. This has not gone unnoticed by consumer-electronics companies, who want to capitalize on this market by harping on Americans’ desire to stay connected with the latest and greatest devices. One connected device, however, may not be quite school-ready.

Connected Classrooms in Texas
Learning in the digital age can be an enlightening experience. Students in Texas are about to find this out firsthand as the state’s board of education voted to make a digital learning experience available in classrooms across the state.

No Slump for Connected Devices
Connected consumer electronics continue to be a bright spot in the economy. While sales of other product categories remain somewhat stagnant, consumer electronics is growing, thanks in large part to mobile devices.

First Ereader Preintegrated with Google eBook Platform
In December 2010 Google launched Google eBooks, its electronic bookstore. Now for the first time a wireless ereader will come preintegrated with the eBooks platform.

Ereaders Going Strong
When tablets first emerged on the tech scene, many wondered whether the devices would have a negative impact on consumer demand for other connected devices, such as netbooks and ereaders.

Connected World Conference: From the Show Floor
This week in Chicago, the leading industry representatives in M2M (machine-to-machine) are gathered at the annual Connected World Conference to learn, network, and share success stories. The event continues to help shape emerging trends in connected devices and M2M technology. Here is an update from the 2011 show floor.

‘Hot’ Devices Come Preconnected
Soon all consumer-electronics devices will come “hot out of the box,” as Richard Schwartz, president and CEO of Macheen,, would say. Macheen’s unique cloud-based platform makes it easy to sell and market connected devices by preconnecting them to the Internet.

M2M Market Looking Strong
As analysts rush to make predictions about the growth of the M2M market in 2011, a good deal of research and market data is being rolled out about 2010. Were 2010 predictions overblown, underblown, or right on? What does this mean for the coming year, and what we can truly expect in terms of market expansion?
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