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Sierra Wireless Makes Strategic Move
The M2M market can be described in many ways, but one word that definitely does not describe it is “stagnant.” Thanks to innovators who constantly look forward instead of backward, the M2M industry has blossomed in more directions than originally seemed possible. Part of the market’s DNA, it seems, also has to do with mergers and acquisitions. M&As not only promote growth opportunities, they create ripple effects throughout the entire industry.

A Global Approach to M2M
Connecting devices, equipment, and assets is no easy feat, especially for businesses that are looking to connect assets on a global basis. Having the right partners is key in order to bring a product to market. These days, M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) companies are entering into more partnerships in order to drive the use of M2M.

EVs Take Vermont
In the 21st century, life on the road is changing. Not only is the technology in our vehicles changing, but the engines that power the vehicles themselves are evolving, as we transition toward an era of EVs (electric vehicles). As this technology has become more prevalent, its benefits have been well asserted. This month, officials in the state of Vermont made a point to recognize such benefits.

M2M Gives New Meaning to Connected Cars
Our society certainly seems to be racing down the proverbial highway toward widespread vehicle connectivity. It’s not exactly far-fetched to consider a near future where the majority of the vehicles on the road are equipped with M2M technology. As we continue that journey toward connectivity, more and more companies seem to be collaborating to make their particular visions of the connected car a reality.

M2M Offers Safety behind the Wheel
Automobile safety has arguably been an issue since the creation of motor vehicles. We’re constantly trying to make the experience safer for both the driver and passenger. As M2M continues to rise in prominence, it has inevitably made its mark on automobile safety. As a result, many would say the industry has changed for the better.

M2M Enables Robotics in Space
M2M technology is traveling everywhere these days, even into outer space. Wireless connectivity enables a robot that’s specially built to assist astronauts, making it safer for humans in space by allowing a machine to handle some tasks.

M2M Eases Driving Concerns
Today’s drivers have a lot of on their minds: the cost of gas has gone up, distracted driving has increased as consumers search for ways to multitask behind the wheel, and the roads have become more congested. Add in the fact that roughly nine out of 10 motorists are more reliant on their car today than 25 years ago, and these driving worries become a top priority for many.

Telematics Market Drivers
The connected car is gaining ground as safety and convenience technologies are added to vehicles. For manufacturers, in-vehicle telematics systems may be the wave of the future. But there are also challenges to face when integrating connected technologies into the automobile.

The Key to Success: Analytics
The combination of connected devices, M2M, and analytics can enable better business processes. This is the crux of the message UPS’ Jack Levis delivered at the Connected World Conference earlier this month. In fact, he was even as bold as to say organizations with a higher ROI (return on investment) are more likely to use analytics.

The European M2M Connection
In theory, M2M connectivity has no boundaries. In fact, from an application standpoint, the possibilities are endless. Growth and acceptance of M2M, however, does differ depending on where you are located. Regionally, there are differences among user preferences, network protocols, and business logistics, creating a huge challenge for a supply chain trying to cater to a global marketplace.

Big Data Hits the Road with Fleets
For many enterprise organizations, being able to leverage Big Data can help the business run more efficiently. Today, Big Data extends to more than just tech-savvy enterprises; the use of analytics is becoming a mainstream tool for all businesses. Telematics and fleet-management technology is one area Big Data plays a big role.

Looking into the Future of Connected Cars
There’s no denying connected cars are the wave of the future. Some believe we’re not far off from a world in which the majority of automobiles come equipped with M2M technology. Beyond basic connectivity, these automobiles can be alerted to hazards on the road, adjust to our driving habits, and even communicate with other vehicles. As the technology keeps evolving, the possibilities multiply.

M2M Drives UBI Forward
The example of M2M remains strong in the form of UBI (usage-based insurance). Leveraging M2M technology, such programs are making a difference in driving habits for millions across the globe, and it looks as if UBI could transform the personal auto insurance market throughout the next decade.

M2M Keeps an Eye on Assets
To truly know how a fleet is operating, having access to timely data is key. M2M solutions offer a way to track and monitor fleets of all kinds, from trucks to cars and even heavy equipment. Keeping track of these large assets can supply benefits that go directly to the bottomline.

M2M Eases Development
Creating a new connected device comes with its set of challenges—one of which is the amount of time it takes to integrate the wireless communications. Not to worry, M2M providers continue to come to market with new embedded technology to help make this process a little bit easier.
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