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Axeda Launches Enterprise App through AppExchange
Part of being a relevant business in today’s day and age is constantly looking for ways to connect with customers, employees, and partners, who are all becoming more connected themselves. Also in the enterprise space, access to data is becoming more important as a way to maximize business processes and improve decisionmaking.

Apple Unveils Home Kit
Apple,, began its WorldWide Developer Conference with news of its entry into the home-automation market with a new software platform, Home Kit. The platform allows for a user to control lights, thermostats, security systems, and other connected devices from an iPad or iPhone.

Service Members Can Get Help From App
Military personnel who suffer from distress can receive help from a new mobile app released by the Defense Dept., The Virtual Hope Box mobile application is designed to assist service members by focusing in on positive aspects of their lives.

Augmented Reality Application: ‘Astray’
UIEvolution, Inc.,, announced the release of an AR (augmented reality) mobile application called Astray that demonstrates how computer vision can increase point-of-sale engagement, brand awareness, and revenue opportunities. UIEvolution, one of the early adopters of AR, shows how to use the accelerometer to realistically model gravity within the context of the AR space, something few in the industry have solved.

Wearables Run the Gamut
Wearable devices are becoming more common as companies make them sleeker, more stylish, and more powerful. Perhaps the question is not whether wearables will catch on among the masses, but which wearables will hit mainstream, and for which features will these devices become essential?

Android Wear to Be Newest Smartwatch
Google’s,, foray into the wearable industry created a stir when it introduced Google Glass. Now, the company is delving into the market once again, this time by extending Android into a smartwatch called Android Wear.

AT&T: BYOD to Hospitals, What’s Next?
It’s not far into 2014, but already, some companies are making it clear they will not relent when it comes to pushing the M2M space forward. From enhancing BYOD (bring-your-own-device) and hospital solutions, to supporting the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem in general, 2014 is clearly not a year to take lying down.

Fitbit’s Feedback
The health and weight loss resort, H3 (Hilton Head Health),, has partnered up with Fitbit,, the activity tracker, to provide guests with wellness feedback. The retreat now includes an arrival package for each guest featuring a Fitbit tracker that can sync with the visitor’s smartphone or personal computer. So what’s the neat part? H3 has decided to absorb the entire cost of each Fitbit given to its guests. With prices maintained, guests are essentially receiving a free tool to continue their wellbeing after they leave.

Wearables Everywhere
The recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) displayed tons of things that were intended to be worn. Many of these were created from a common set of chips and sensors as well as proprietary software and embedded technology. Take as an example the G-Series high-performance multisport wearable from a team comprised of Movea,, Xm-Squared,, and Texas Instruments, The G-series takes the user experience to a next level with energy-optimization for highly accurate activity tracking and advanced sports and sleep monitoring.

ARCHOS Reveals New Devices
In the run-up to CES 2014 in Las Vegas, companies are already taking the wrappings off their latest products. One consumer electronics firm recently announced a slate of connected devices designed to make home life easier.

What’s in Your Connected Car?
The connected car has been the talk of M2M for the past few years. Everything from autonomous vehicles, to safety functionality, to preventing distracted driving have been hot topics for discussion. But what type of infotainment can consumers expect in the next generation of connected cars?

M2M Creates Digital Wood Carving
“Digital wood carving.” Out of context, that’s an odd term. After all, what’s less digital than a piece of wood? But M2M and connected devices are creating new possibilities every day. Indeed, the latest is digital wood carving.

Affordable Gadgets for Dad
You know what most dads want for Father’s Day—high-tech gadgets and connected devices. This year, there are a number of affordable options you can get dad, and even a way you can get your hands on some more expensive gadgets for free and just in time for Father’s Day.

New M2M Developments Offer Convenience, Flexibility
Convenience means more than people think. It’s not just about making things easy. It’s about eliminating redundancies, increasing efficiency, and simplifying the complicated.

5 (M2M) Windows Apps to Consider
With the increasing popularity of Windows-based smartphones and the availability of Microsoft’s enterprise-focused tablet, Surface Pro, you may be looking for the latest connected apps for your Windows device. The number of apps that leverage M2M technology for Windows smartphones and tablets is growing every day. Here are several that are garnering positive reviews.
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