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Macheen Makes U.S. Launch
The company that promises “hot out of the box” is ready to come charging out of the gate in the United States. Live and available in Europe since February, Macheen,, is now officially live in the United States, providing a turnkey platform that allows connected device makers to extend their reach globally and tap into different mobile network technologies.

Connected Classrooms in Texas
Learning in the digital age can be an enlightening experience. Students in Texas are about to find this out firsthand as the state’s board of education voted to make a digital learning experience available in classrooms across the state.

Ereaders Going Strong
When tablets first emerged on the tech scene, many wondered whether the devices would have a negative impact on consumer demand for other connected devices, such as netbooks and ereaders.

Google Gains Momentum beyond Mobile
It has been a momentous few days for Google,, whose 2011 “I/O” developers conference wrapped up yesterday in San Francisco. Google I/O brought together an estimated 5,500 developers to help build the next generation of Web, mobile, and enterprise applications. Announcements that came out of the event suggest we can expect to see some new and innovative developments from this industry giant.

Intel Scores One for Tablet Usability
Tablets have already become part of consumer culture. Though not a ubiquitous technology quite yet, consumers are readily warming to the idea of a device with a screen bigger than their smartphone, yet smaller than their laptop. As the idea of the tablet gains momentum, behind-the-scenes players that shape the devices’ user experience will have a hand in their ultimate success.

‘Don’t-Miss’ Moments from CTIA
This week, a steady stream of announcements has been flowing out of the 2011 International CTIA Wireless show in Orlando. Whether you have your eye on some new connected devices, or are more interested in how M2M (machine-to-machine) players—both new and old—are strategically leveraging new partnerships to help grow the space, here are some show highlights.

‘Hot’ Devices Come Preconnected
Soon all consumer-electronics devices will come “hot out of the box,” as Richard Schwartz, president and CEO of Macheen,, would say. Macheen’s unique cloud-based platform makes it easy to sell and market connected devices by preconnecting them to the Internet.

Death of the PC?
It seems it’s no longer sufficient to have a desktop computer, or even a laptop. Consumers want access on the go; and as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets become sleeker and more powerful, will they actually replace PCs?

Gearing up for CES 2011
As the industry ramps up for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off today in Las Vegas, rumors, announcements, and general buzz around new gadgets and technologies is inescapable. For weeks, companies have released teasers about new products, and finally, the veil has lifted on CES 2011.

Malware Threatens Your Smartphone
As mobile devices, and particularly smartphones, have proliferated in the last year, so have the ways in which cyber criminals can target you with malware. In fact, 2010 saw the highest number of mobile malware infections aimed at smartphone users.

The Connected Consumer
Whether you’re watching TV, walking down the street, taking public transportation, sitting on a plane, or relaxing at a local coffee shop, connected devices—and connected consumers—are everywhere. If it’s not a friend or a colleague, it’s a stranger in a public place, an advertisement, or a character on television.

Mobile Security Is Top Concern
The “spooky season” may be behind us, but new research regarding connected devices reveals what truly scares many consumers—mobile security.

Reading in the Digital Age
Connected devices are increasingly populating the lives of American consumers, creating a battle for our attention. If you want to check your email, for instance, do you turn to your traditional desktop computer, your smartphone, your tablet, your netbook, or your Web browser-enabled ereader? Or perhaps you have your in-vehicle telematics system read your email aloud before even reaching your destination. For the next generation of consumers—today’s kids—digital devices will most likely play an even larger role.

Apps Affecting Consumer-Electronics Market
A new Deloitte,, survey finds smartphone apps, ereaders, and tablets are “transforming” consumer behavior. In fact, the report—entitled “Revolutions 2010”—suggests smartphone/tablet owners are relying less on traditional consumer-electronics devices such as MP3 players, handheld video games, and GPS units for their media, entertainment, and information needs. Rather, these consumers are turning to apps.

Need Some Privacy?
I’ll admit that sometimes aspects of technology give me the creeps. In particular, I’m uneasy about geolocation tools that can identify and broadcast my location
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