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QiPack Adds Compatible Partners
After announcing its Kickstarter,, campaign just several weeks ago, Wireless Efficiency,, is set to add several more compatible partners for its new inductive charger, QiPack.

Lantronix Encourages Innovation with New Offering
Part of the reason the IoT (Internet of Things) is expected to grow exponentially during the next several years is because the technology is becoming more accessible to developers, engineers, and tech hobbyists who have a wide range of expertise and experience levels in M2M. Open-source platforms like Arduino have made their mark on the space, helping to populate it with all kinds of innovative connected devices and solutions—and this will only increase with time.

If Data Is King, Protect It
If data is king, then data security is never far from top of mind for anyone involved in M2M, connected devices, and the IoT (Internet of Things). Unfortunately, security threats do not remain static. Education and awareness, therefore, can be an important component in growing the M2M ecosystem as a whole.

Gesture Control at Your Fingertips With Nod
In much the same way Tony Stark in “Ironman” can manipulate computer images simply by waving his hand, now comes a device which allows users to do the same thing...only for real.

Android Is Top Dog in Mobile Ad Traffic
Shakeups are exciting. In sports, we often root for the underdog. In politics, a change of order can mean forward progress. In business, it means “business as usual” no longer applies, at least in the short term. In technology, we’ve become somewhat immune to promises that new products, new solutions, and new technologies will change the status quo. But maybe this shakeup will turn some heads in the mobile-advertising space: Android is No.1.

Managing Data in Seconds
M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) are quickly becoming more common terms used in the business realm to manage problems in seconds, not hours, with smart meters and gateways, just to name a few. If you think about it, M2M is being used at the enterprise to improve business processes to communicate to the cloud in many facets of the enterprise to solve every day problems. Now, M2M and IoT are becoming a staple in the workplace—especially with the recent launch of Java and most companies don’t even know it.

Phone Charger for a Key Ring
To combat the problem of not having battery charging power for one’s mobile device when needed, GO Devices Inc.,, is introducing GOkey, a multiuse product that fits on a key ring.

Valuable Data Allows Decisions on the Edge
A key question for both businesses and consumers when it comes to adopting M2M devices is “What is the value add?” For consumers, the value inherent in a connected device is often about efficiency; it makes life easier. In the enterprise sector, value can be more complicated to gauge. Gathering intelligence from devices and applications can have tremendous value, but only if the data is harnessed and only if the data leads to decisions.

NetComm Releases New 3G M2M Router Plus
It is projected that global M2M connections will hit a quarter of a billion this year, and in response to increasing demands by the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications Assn.) to expand M2M capabilities, NetComm Wireless Ltd.,, is adding a new product to the mix.

Crowdfunding Platform Picks Up Momentum
In just a relatively short amount of time, Israel-based equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd,, has asserted itself as a major player in providing startups with financial assistance to get companies off the ground.

Security Issues Threaten M2M/IoT
Security continues to be a hot-button issue when it comes to connected devices and IoT (Internet of Things), and for good reason. For many businesses, a highly publicized security threat, like the “Heartbleed Virus” in the news right now, validates what they already know: Security in today’s M2M-connected world needs to be a priority.

Fanhub Creates Collaborative CRM
A new social media-inspired CRM (customer-relationship management) by Fanhub,, is set to hit the market today. The CRM uses follows, comments, @mentions, and notifications for sales, support, and case management for small businesses.

Boosters Enable ‘Smooth Talkers’
In a world as connected today, there’s little to no room for weak cellular signals that prevent data from being communicated as quickly and securely as possible. Whether you’re looking for coverage in remote or rural areas, or in crowded urban ones, cellular boosters that can extend and enhance coverage in rough service areas can be useful in many mission-critical situations.

Startups Head to White House
Startups are quickly becoming the lifeblood of the connected-device space, as these companies provide a surge of innovation in the market. Now, one startup incubator is heading to Washington, D.C., to take part in a national summit on entrepreneurship.

OCHO Pad and NFC Simplify Connected Life
Amid hectic work schedules and busy personal lives, the promise of a simpler, more organized life is appealing to many consumers. Connected devices and technologies that can take away some common painpoints, while also making everyday life a bit more fun, go a long way in bringing M2M technologies to mainstream society.
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