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Reach Health Goals with Garmin, MyFitnessPal
The market for connected fitness devices and wearables is heating up—as if it weren’t hot enough already. New devices and functionalities continue to offer consumers the ability to harness realtime data when it comes to tracking and analyzing their health and wellness.

Connected Health Devices Promote Wellness
One benefit of connected-consumer health devices tends to be increased patient engagement. For instance, when health data is available and accessible, it helps remove the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. When consumers see their own health, fitness, or wellness data in front of them, it’s easier to be proactive instead of reactive on a day-to-day basis.

Android Wear to Be Newest Smartwatch
Google’s,, foray into the wearable industry created a stir when it introduced Google Glass. Now, the company is delving into the market once again, this time by extending Android into a smartwatch called Android Wear.

Watch the Adventure in fēnix 2
The newest product from, Garmin,, the fēnix 2 promises an outdoor experience like never before, with GPS, new training options, and smartphone connection capabilities. The fēnix is all about aiding the user in an exploration, making the journey of an everyday hike more of an adventure.

Fitbit’s Feedback
The health and weight loss resort, H3 (Hilton Head Health),, has partnered up with Fitbit,, the activity tracker, to provide guests with wellness feedback. The retreat now includes an arrival package for each guest featuring a Fitbit tracker that can sync with the visitor’s smartphone or personal computer. So what’s the neat part? H3 has decided to absorb the entire cost of each Fitbit given to its guests. With prices maintained, guests are essentially receiving a free tool to continue their wellbeing after they leave.

Mobile Health Plays Backup at Super Bowl XLVIII
On Sunday, thousands of people will pack MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., to experience Super Bowl XLVIII. Millions more will watch on TV. As the Broncos go head-to-head with the Seahawks on the field, M2M technology will be playing a role off the field in MetLife Stadium’s parking lot.

Schwinn’s Smart Bike Navigator
Schwinn,, introduced the CycleNav Smart Bike Navigator, the company’s first, mobile application that when paired with a handlebar-mounted device it gives riders turn-by turn audio and visual navigation. The device, when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, provides users with audio commands informing them what direction to go via flashing lights.

Get Ready for Connected Golf
Winter may be having its heyday, but soon, it’ll be spring—and with spring comes outdoor sports, such as golf. If you’re ready to put winter behind you and get a jumpstart on spring, consider studying up on the latest connected devices to support all your favorite outdoor hobbies.

Sochi Fans Get Connected
In 2012, the Summer Olympic Games in London gained a reputation as the most connected Olympics to date. Will Sochi spectators rely just as heavily on their connected devices? As soon as the Olympic cauldron is lit for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, beginning early February in Sochi, Russia, thousands of spectators will turn to their devices to maximize their experience. Luckily, mobile location-based services technology, along with widespread adoption of Wi-Fi and cellular-enabled devices, means app developers are equipped to meet fans’ needs.

The Australian Open ... to the Public
IBM,, serves it up hot and innovative providing fans the opportunity to experience the Australian Open international tennis tournament first-hand with a chance to face a serve from their favorite tennis players. With the company’s release of a new iPad app, fans can now easily view schedules, match and player analysis—with schedules in realtime. It is the ultimate fan app, enabling users to follow their favorite athletes with the ability to tweet supportive messages.

Wearables Everywhere
The recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) displayed tons of things that were intended to be worn. Many of these were created from a common set of chips and sensors as well as proprietary software and embedded technology. Take as an example the G-Series high-performance multisport wearable from a team comprised of Movea,, Xm-Squared,, and Texas Instruments, The G-series takes the user experience to a next level with energy-optimization for highly accurate activity tracking and advanced sports and sleep monitoring.

CES News Roundup
The 2014 Intl. CES this week in Las Vegas may as well have been a show focused on the Internet of Things when you consider how many connected gadgets and services were on display. This year’s show featured more than 3,200 exhibitors, many of which were excited to show off new Internet-enabled devices.

Wearable Fitness at CES
Wearable fitness technology is a hot trend at this year’s CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and both market favorites and new entrants are releasing products. Many of these devices are designed to track and monitor motion and record all the details for later analysis.

New Smartwatches for the New Year
The smartwatch was one of the most talked-about products during 2013, and 2014 looks to build on this trend. A number of companies released smartwatches last year, and they come in a variety of styles and are designed for a number of purposes.

Unwrapping Wearable Devices
Those of us that were hoping to unwrap a wearable device this holiday were not alone. A recent survey indicates more consumers than ever are interested in these products, as more advanced options become available and customers understand the benefits they provide.
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