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New Standard for Clinical Trial Data
A number of organizations from the pharmaceutical and IT communities are putting their collective heads together at the OASIS, , open-standards consortium to develop a machine-readable content-classification standard for the interoperable exchange of clinical trial data through content-management systems.

In Healthcare, Realtime Data Is Truly ‘Mission Critical’
Realtime information is important in many industries, but none more so than in healthcare. When a sudden change in a patient’s condition could mean life or death, devices and technologies that provide up-to-the-second data to health professionals lends new meaning to “mission-critical data.”

Advancing Health Services through the Cloud
As consumers, we like to personalize our everyday experiences. We add bumper stickers to our cars, change our ringtones to reflect our mood or personality, and select special backgrounds for our devices. The ability to personalize so many other objects and experiences has made society more anxious for personalized health services. M2M technology can enable more personalized healthcare, and some companies are intent on making this possible.

Biometrics Redefine Healthcare
Biometrics, such as facial recognition, fingerprinting, iris recognition, and more, is increasingly becoming more common in a number of industries, as a way to capture data about a person’s identity and translate it into a database for a specific action to occur. One such industry using biometrics is healthcare.

Mobile Tech: Room to Grow in mHealth
While many industries are using mobile technology to successfully enhance business operations, the healthcare field is slowly making strides to get itself in the same position. The federal government is taking an active role in mHealth as evidenced by changes to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and Meaningful Use. As a result, a rise in the use of mobile technology by healthcare organizations is allowing for improvements in patient care. Although signs of improvement are pointing upward, there is still work to be done.

AT&T: BYOD to Hospitals, What’s Next?
It’s not far into 2014, but already, some companies are making it clear they will not relent when it comes to pushing the M2M space forward. From enhancing BYOD (bring-your-own-device) and hospital solutions, to supporting the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem in general, 2014 is clearly not a year to take lying down.

Wearables Offer Realtime Health Checks
Wearable health and fitness monitors are more than a trend in the connected-health space; they represent the future as more consumers become aware of the value realtime data can add to their lives. As the market for these devices and solutions broadens and diversifies, it’s up to devicemakers and technology providers to discover and deliver the experience and the formfactor consumers will respond to most.

Facilitating Senior Independence
Many seniors find themselves placed into nursing homes, or living with an in-home care provider once they pass the point of caring for themselves. It’s a sticky situation in which most of these folks lose a sense of self by becoming dependent on others for their wellbeing. Essence,, a home-care solution provider, will soon release its new Care@Home solution.

M2M Serves up Realtime Data in Food and Pharma
In many industries, the ability to gather realtime data about mission-critical processes has changed the decisionmaking process for owners, operators, managers, and employees who are taking advantage of M2M technologies and solutions. In some cases more than others—for instance, first response and public safety, fleet-operating businesses, and within supply chains that handle perishable items—realtime monitoring solutions deliver the data necessary to be successful.

Mobile Health Plays Backup at Super Bowl XLVIII
On Sunday, thousands of people will pack MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., to experience Super Bowl XLVIII. Millions more will watch on TV. As the Broncos go head-to-head with the Seahawks on the field, M2M technology will be playing a role off the field in MetLife Stadium’s parking lot.

Healthcare: A Vertical to Watch in 2014
With each New Year, industry analysts project vast growth for M2M, and with good reason. Even though, in some cases, projections are a touch overstated, history suggests the industry will continue to expand in new directions in 2014, while continuing to penetrate existing markets more deeply.

Verizon Supports Connected Breathalyzer
From connected fitness bracelets to remote oil and gas monitoring applications, M2M enables the transfer of data that can help humans make critical decisions for their business and personal lives. As sensors and other technologies become more sophisticated, the connected devices that are integral to many M2M solutions are also becoming more mission critical. In some cases, the data these devices collect and transfer can be life saving.

Remote Monitoring Project from Humana
Telehealth provides a way to monitor patients and transmit their information, often allowing them to enjoy a better quality of life. Through remote-monitoring technologies, doctors can maintain a link with patients even when they remain in their own homes.

The Promise of Connected Health
Connected devices and M2M technology can be about more than fun and games or even managing the bottomline. In the case of connected health, these devices can mean the difference between life and death. Even in less-extreme cases, M2M-enabled health devices and solutions can improve the quality of someone’s life by making it easier to manage his or her own health and to connect with professionals when needed.

M2M Advances Healthcare
Connected technology provides both patients and healthcare professionals quick access to realtime data, which can then be acted on in a timely, efficient manner. This allows both doctors and patients to reap immense benefits. But what is the next step in technology for healthcare?
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