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Connecting Your Car and Home
It might not be too far off before your home and your car talk to each other or at the very least they become more integrated. We are just beginning to see the next iteration of this from tech companies Zubie,, and iControl Networks,, which recently announced a very unique partnership that involves their connected car and connected home solutions.

New Alliance for Smart Cities
Imagine bringing the benefits of M2M to everyone and everything. Proponents of this type of fully connected world refer to not just the IoT (Internet of Things), but the Internet of Everything—a world in which cars, homes, buildings, hospitals, cities, and entire nations are “on the grid,” so to speak, mining intelligence from devices that enable decisions in every aspect of a person’s life.

Complete Control
An innovator of semiconductor solutions for both wired and wireless communications, Broadcom Corp.,, announced that Haier,, has chosen Broadcom, WICED (wireless Internet connectivity for embedded devices) to power the company’s latest smart appliances.

Evoz, Baby Monitors and Beyond
Behind every great M2M solution is a data-driven service platform, because, in the end, it’s all about the data. From connected solutions that help you keep track of your assets, to those that help you keep track of your children and your home, M2M-generated data can provide insight and peace of mind where there was none before.

Building a More Automated World
We’ve all heard of the “Internet of Things,” but how about the “Internet of Lights?” Managing the energy output of a home or building is something that’s becoming increasingly important to today’s consumers and businesses. In fact, thanks to continual advances in M2M technology and connected devices, automation solutions like connected lights and beyond are making it easier than ever to automate both buildings and homes.

Verizon’s Smart Buy
Verizon Communications,, recently made a purchase from Intel Corp.,, of the intellectual property rights and other assets that enable Intel's OnCue Cloud TV platform. Verizon will also make employment offers to substantially all of the approximately 350-person Intel unit, which will continue to be based in Santa Clara and be led by its current management team.

Snow or No, It’s Damp
With snow up to the eves in many parts of the country, people might forget the inside of the house gets just as damp as the outside. Well, maybe not that damp, but there are many nooks and crannies in the typical home that get excess humidity, especially in wet and cold weather. To help prevent some nasty results, Leviton,, has introduced a new humidity sensor and fan control, a state-of-the-art device featuring digital-sensing technology, to control ventilation in humid or damp areas in the home.

It’s Getting to be a Google Globe
The “little search engine that could” is moving into more than your computer’s heart and soul. Google Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement to buy Nest Labs, Inc. for $3.2 billion in cash. That’s billion with a B. You know Google, but who/what is Nest Labs?

CES News Roundup
The 2014 Intl. CES this week in Las Vegas may as well have been a show focused on the Internet of Things when you consider how many connected gadgets and services were on display. This year’s show featured more than 3,200 exhibitors, many of which were excited to show off new Internet-enabled devices.

A Focus on the Internet of Things
As IoT (Internet of Things) grows in popularity, more major companies are dipping their toes into IoT. From tech giants like Google and Apple to automakers and energy providers, it seems companies understand the value of having an Internet of Things component to their operations—and this will be apparent at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), taking place this week.

Making the Home More Connected
As CES 2014 kicks off this week in Las Vegas, companies are focused on ways to make devices more interconnected. As more products are built with integrated wireless connectivity, the options for making the devices interoperable are many and varied.

Smart Home Service from Samsung
The smart home is on full display at CES 2014, where companies are rolling out new ways to make daily life more connected. One tech giant announced a new service to enable a variety of devices throughout the home to talk to each other.

TV Competition Heats Up with Connected
With CES 2014 right around the corner, many are looking at the growth potential for new market segments like wearable technology, connected gadgets, and more. But now one of the traditional electronics categories is getting an infusion of new technology—the television.

Funding Brings Connected Car, Home Closer
There are a number of technology innovations surrounding the connected car these days, but one in particular is getting an infusion of funding from investors and could help connect the car to the home in the future. Will such an idea take off?

Creating a Connected Community
Around the globe, more cities are interested in becoming “smart.” In the ongoing quest to attract new businesses and people, as well as enhance life for residents, cities are installing a host of technology to enable more connected communities.
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