Emergency Notifications with Connected Devices


It only takes a few second for an emergency to occur. Emergencies can happen anywhere, and at any time. It is for this reason that loved ones need to be notified within a timely fashion. With unexpected situations occurring on school campuses, malls, and other public venues, companies are developing software systems that will immediately alert students, staff, and consumers with up to the minute information about safety instructions and other procedures.

With various emergencies happening each day, X-Factor Communications, www.xfactorcom.com, released development of an immediate Mass Notification system. Users of the system will be able to broadcast alerts to multiple network-connected devices. X-Factor’s system also has interactive response capabilities back to the master control operator, so it can provide additional information and guidance.

The Mass Notification system has hierarchical control features to provide targeted content distribution, which allows the user’s technology team to set permission guidelines using pre-set or customizable user rights for notifications. The system now includes Mobile Alert Agent Native Applications, which can be used for non-carrier or OTT (over-the-top) communications, as well as carrier-based delivery; this allows for instant alert messaging with response features to a range of 95% of network-enabled devices.

Not only does the Mass Notifications system send mass notifications and alerts during emergency lockdowns, but the platform can also enhance internal communications for users by publishing realtime details on weather advisories, environmental emergencies, system outages, class cancellations, and more.

In related news, IBA (Irving Burton Associates), www.ibacorp.us, has a mobile app called In Case of Crisis for use in emergencies. The mobile app has been adopted by Providence College for use in its emergency management plans and procedures to keep its campus-community safe.

The implementation of In Case of Crisis at Providence College will allow on-campus and off-campus students, faculty, staff, and community members to be alerted about emergency situations and procedures to follow to ensure safety. The mobile app provides guidance with step-by-step actions to take when in different situations, such as fires or severe weather.

With use of the In Case of Crisis app, information can be efficiently communicated and updated regularly. The app also provides an anonymous environment for students to ask questions and seek help. Providence College has plans for this fall to incorporate a program through the In Case of Crisis app that provides faculty and staff with tools to help counsel students.

In Case of Crisis is used at more than just schools like Providence College, for it is also used by corporate, education and government organizations. The secure access to emergency information with instructions and diagrams makes the app appealing because of the efficiency it provides.

Today’s connected society allows us the ability to have accessibility to information at our fingertips. With recent technological developments, we have seen increases in emergency notification and response systems through the use of connected devices.

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