Monitor Your Baby Via A Smartphone


Innovations of iBaby,, technology allows parents and guardians to monitor their child on the iBaby Monitor M6 wherever they are via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G-enabled smartphones and tablets. Smart-family care and wellness products are implementing new technologies to make their products more efficient.

iBaby monitors have automatic installation and a cost-effective cloud solution. Users of the iBaby monitors can install the technology by connecting the USB cable that comes with the iPhone, and the camera will install all by itself. Users do not have to switch apps or adjust Bluetooth settings or scan QR codes.

The iBaby company employs P2P (peer-to-peer) as an efficient and familiar technology. With the P2P cloud network, users can share contents with one another and reduce server load to have more cost-effective cloud services compared to others. iBaby Monitor M6 also covers a large viewing area through its ability to perform 360 degree pan and 110 degree tilt. The camera used on the iBaby Monitor M6 is HD (high-definition), and when combined with the Wi-Fi pairing technology, users have the ability to watch live stream, record videos and snapshots with less delays.

As an advancing company, iBaby engineered two-way audio speakers to allow communication from both ends without the disruption of noise. With the new speakers, users can install and play music for their children.

Being an innovator in the smart-home monitoring market, iBaby’s global presence continues to expand through their availability in worldwide and online retailers such as the Apple Store and Amazon.

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