Hotel Reservations With Google Glass


Recent uses of the Google Glass leave us wondering what else can we do with Google Glass? Occoquan, Va.-based businessman, Rodney Loges isn’t just reading stock prices with his glasses, he’s reserving hotel rooms. With the recent release of the Hotel Near Me,, app developed by Destinia,, can book a hotel room with ease.

Loges, the founder of One Degree Capital, used the new app with Google Glass to search, reserve, and book a hotel room at the Holiday Inn in Woodbridge, Va., with the simplicity of a blink of an eye. The capabilities of today’s wearable devices combined with new applications, such as Hotel Near Me, are rapidly changing several industries, including the hospitality and travel industries.

The Hotel Near Me app can help users locate the closest hotels to their GPS (global positioning system), as well as providing them with photos and hotel information. The app allows consumers to filter by price and then book the hotel. All controls on the app are completed either by swiping and tapping on Google Glass, or by using straight-forward voice commands, such as, “book hotel.”

If consumers are not familiar with the area that they are booking reservations, Hotel Near Me will use GPS to display maps as well as directions to their final destinations.

Google Glass may cost $1,500, the Hotel Near Me app is free and is available through the company’s Website. App developer, Destinia, plans to make the app more functional with an international version with multiple languages and currencies for the Android and iOS platforms on smartphones.

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