App Increases Efficiency at Solar Power Sites


With advancements in power electronics for renewable energy, back-up power, and mobile applications, OutBack Power Technologies,, announces OPTICS RE as a new application that will make solar power sites more efficient.

The new development in applications allows its installers and owners the ability to monitor PV (photovoltaic) or solar system operation, performance, and output on a dashboard from any Internet-enabled device. OPTICS RE improves system oversight and longevity by allowing greater visibility into system performance and health. The system has remote monitoring and controlling capabilities to include energy-flow metrics as well as at-a-glance fleet-management oversight for use by installers that manage multiple systems.

Installers can provide users with varying degrees of control as well as retaining higher-level functions to increase system performance and health. OPTICS RE allows installers to reduce their service calls and downtime, thus reducing costs of on-site maintenance calls. The new cloud-based application also assists in maintaining customer connection and providing a consistent source of customer-generated leads. Customer interaction is important, and companies strive to keep its customers satisfied. With the new technology, OutBack customers are involved in the oversight of their systems.

In today's society, there is a strong focus on staying connected and implementing a green lifestyle. As part of a green initiative, OPTICS RE allows system owners to see their energy usage and renewable energy savings. System owners appreciate this new technology because they can acknowledge their environmental impact and carbon reduction influences through their use of clean technology.

OutBack is committed to product performance and customer satisfaction. With the OPTICS RE, OutBack changes the market of green applications to be more efficient.

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