Partners Leverage Strengths for New M2M Platform


As more industries adopt M2M technology, the IoT (Internet of Things) becomes more widespread and, therefore, increasingly relevant to a diverse range of business executives. For enterprise sectors, a reliable M2M solution with dependable products and services can go a long way to reaching optimal ROI (return on investment) and reducing a project’s TCO (total cost of ownership).

Two companies, Thuraya Telecommunications Co.,, and ViaSat,, hope to provide this reliability to their customers. Thuraya, a mobile satellite services operator, and ViaSat, which provides fixed and mobile satellite network services, have partnered to develop an end-to-end managed M2M service with M2M-specific products and commercial packages.

Thuraya and ViaSat say the partnership will leverage each company’s strengths to bring a highly competitive offering to the satellite M2M market. For instance, ViaSat says its technology efficiently uses satellite bandwidth to lower TCO for M2M applications, while also enabling advanced features. Thuraya says its dependable satellite network infrastructure provides quick access to connectivity, even in remote locations.

The companies’ goal with the Thuraya/ViaSat partnership is to make the technology more accessible and more beneficial to energy, utilities, logistics, and enterprise customers. The platform is scheduled to launch early next year.

For tracking, reporting, and monitoring needs in sectors such as energy, enterprise, and military, among others, reliable connectivity is a business requirement. In fact, for these sectors, the data facilitated by M2M in an IoT environment is more than convenient; it’s mission-critical.

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