Aeris Raises the Bar with Infinity Support


Customer service is a critical piece of the puzzle for M2M service providers. For a fast-changing, often-complicated market with mission-critical deployments, providers that can help remove some of the complexity from M2M are not only better serving their customers, they’re accelerating innovation in the space and improving the quality of solutions on the market.

According to Godfrey Chua, directing analyst of M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) at Infonetics Research,, innovative approaches to customer service and support are one way to remove complexity in an M2M environment. One company, Aeris Communications,, believes it has a service and support solution to fit the bill. The M2M technology and service provider recently announced Infinity Support, which is built on pillars of responsiveness, commitment to the customer’s needs, transparency, proactiveness, and the idea that knowledge in the hands of the customer is power.

According to Aeris, Infinity Support fills a need in the marketplace, further suggesting most service providers are not properly equipped to service M2M deployments. Unfortunately, without support, deployments can suffer from downtime, inefficiencies, and all the lost profits that follow.

However, with its new offering, Aeris hopes to raise the bar for M2M and IoT support services within the industry. For instance, Infinity Support not only offers around-the-clock support, it promises a 30-minute average response time, in addition to proactive monitoring and issue identification services.

Proper customer service in M2M is important to fostering growth and success within the industry as a whole. By providing reliable, responsive support, M2M service providers are helping customers succeed by increasing uptime, boosting operational efficiency, and bolstering their bottomlines.

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