Trucking Avoids Detention with M2M


Anyone who’s gone through grade school probably has a negative gut reaction to the word “detention.” In the trucking industry, “detention time” may not mean staying after school or copying lines for the teacher, but it has an equally negative association. Detention time causes inefficiencies in the form of employee down time, which can negatively impact a company’s bottomline, as well as potential loss of revenue for drivers.

Luckily, M2M-enabled technology can help alleviate detention time. Spireon,, a provider of M2M business intelligence solutions that connect companies to their mobile assets and workforces, recently announced the release of its Detention Optimization Module, which is part of the company’s FleetLocate Asset & Trailer Intelligence solution designed for customers in trucking and transportation.

The module will help trucking companies to keep track of their trailers’ location more granularly. For instance, Spireon says companies can view data on how long trailers have been detained, whether they’re empty or loaded, and which customer locations have exceeded detention grace periods, as well as billable detention hours.

Using the Detention Optimization Module, trucking companies can also choose to receive alerts when a customer location exceeds its grace period. Perhaps more importantly, companies can push these alerts to their customers, so they can see firsthand which locations are racking up detention billing.

According to Spireon CEO Marc Brungger, detention-time costs the trucking industry more than $3 billion annually in lost time and productivity. He says when trailers are detained at customer locations, drivers are forced to spend more time waiting around and less time on the road. Brungger says Spireon’s FleetLocate platform, which is designed to provide realtime visibility into a company’s assets, was helping trucking customers gain more insight into detention times, so Spireon wanted to develop a solution that would provide even more specific reports and alerts.

With the benefit of increased visibility into detention, trucking and transportation companies have the data they need to pinpoint inefficiencies and make decisions that will streamline workflow. By applying M2M to solve painpoints such as detention time, companies can leverage technology to get their trailers and drivers back where they belong—on the road.

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