Augmented Reality Application: ‘Astray’


UIEvolution, Inc.,, announced the release of an AR (augmented reality) mobile application called Astray that demonstrates how computer vision can increase point-of-sale engagement, brand awareness, and revenue opportunities. UIEvolution, one of the early adopters of AR, shows how to use the accelerometer to realistically model gravity within the context of the AR space, something few in the industry have solved.

AR allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to transform a printed advertisement, postcard, product package, or still image into an interactive 3D experience simply by pointing the device’s camera at it. AR gets consumers a personalized retail experience by overlaying a new digital world onto the physical world, instantly transforming everyday marketing materials–print, static product packaging, direct mail–into a virtual shopping trip.

Players can navigate through an augmented reality world, where superimposed graphics, video, audio, and other sensory enhancements are used over a real-world environment and in realtime. As players try to beat the clock, they are captivated by the energy and mystery of the application.

Built on the Unity graphics engine, Astray is a challenging maze game, but adds a clever real-world twist that kids and adults find exciting. The maze-like Celtic world of Astray explores endlessly changing environments, allowing players to experience as much outside of a mobile device as they do within it.

Players don't need to tediously download and print a target as required in first generation AR products. Just snap a photo of a flat surface such as a book or box. Astray will use that as your game board, seamlessly attaching a rich 3D environment to the surface.

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