Android Wear to Be Newest Smartwatch


Google’s,, foray into the wearable industry created a stir when it introduced Google Glass. Now, the company is delving into the market once again, this time by extending Android into a smartwatch called Android Wear.

Using aspects of Google Now, such as voice control and notifications, the device will provide users with the information they want. A simple command of “OK Google” can bring up music playlists, cast movies to television, send texts, or make restaurant reservations. It can also assist in reaching health goals with fitness reminders and summaries.

However, officials with Google say the wearable industry has only scratched the surface of its capabilities and is excited about the prospects of what Android Wear is capable of doing. Since it is Android based, many apps can already work with the platform. But, by making the software available to developers, the hope is that many more uses for Android Wear will be created.

While Google has introduced its wearable platform, it has yet to reveal its hardware.  However, according to Google’s official blog it reads: “We’re also already working with several consumer electronics manufacturers, including Asus,, HTC, , LG,, Motorola,, and Samsung,; chipmakers Broadcom,, Imagination,, Intel,, Mediatek,, and Qualcomm,; and fashion brands like the Fossil Group,, to bring you watches powered by Android Wear later this year.”

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