Satellites Supported with GNSS Antenna from u-blox


Positioning module creator u-blox,, brings a new searching capability with its new CAM-M8Q antenna for GNSS (global navigation satellite system).The CAM-M8Q is considered to be the ultra-instant positioning solution, maintaining high locating sensitivity while only needing a small amount of power. Surface-mounted, it is ideal for use as a wearable, a personal locater, and even as a vehicle telematics system so users can place emergency calls and install anti-theft mechanisms.

If an external antenna is necessary, such as manufacturing and transportation companies using large modes of transportation, the internal chip antenna is capable of being used as a backup. It is compatible with a variety of predecessor modules, enabling tired designs to be upgraded easily.

The CAM-M8Q by u-blox is a pre-tuned solution for companies and individuals who want to be one step closer to finding their destination with ease.

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