Along Came ASPIDER


The digital embedded M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions company, Wyless,, has been working hard to input new creative solutions to the Internet of Things marketplace and just introduced ASPIDER M2M, Not only does ASPIDER M2M run GGSNs, the newest solution also runs HLRs (home location registers) and Intelligent Network designed specifically for fixed as well as mobile-telecom networks. ASPIDER M2M is a well-rounded solution, intended on benefitting large customers and companies.

Wyless is expanding the company throughout continental Europe with ASPIDER’s push into Germany and the Benelux countries. ASPIDER also enables Wyless to serve worldwide SMEs (small and medium enterprises) through Intelligent Network solutions. ASPIDER provides critical technical services to all sorts of businesses who work in the fields of M2M and IoT (Internet of Things).

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