Partnerships Add Flexible, New Business Models for IoT


In the midst of an innovative industry as rapidly changing as M2M, companies can’t afford to rest on their laurels for long. Inevitably, customers’ needs will change. Therefore, M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) players must stay ahead of the curve, not only responding to, but anticipating the growing pains of the industry.

One company, Telenor Connexion,, is forming partnerships that will help it continue to meet the needs of its customers as the global IoT market diversifies and expands. Telenor recently announced it will work with Jasper Wireless,, by leveraging the cloud-based Jasper platform to enrich its portfolio of connected solutions, to gain flexibility, and to “support its technology agnostic approach.”

Jasper’s platform is designed for enterprises that are making the transition to connected businesses. Together with the Ericsson DCP platform, which Telenor already deploys, the Jasper platform will allow Telenor to collaborate with new partners and operators in global deployments.

According to Telenor Connexion, it’s all part of the company’s long-term strategy to become technology agnostic. Plus, with the advantage of applications and services that support flexible business models, the company will be better suited to serve customers as their needs evolve.

Telenor has also partnered with Asavie Technologies,, a developer and provider of cloud-delivered connectivity services for the mobile telecommunications industry, to increase flexibility and provide opportunities for new business models. By leveraging Asavie’s M2M Connect—a smart SDN (software defined network) solution that enables mobile carriers to rapidly roll out new service offerings—Telenor hopes to even further enhance its M2M service offering.

As companies in every corner of the market look to connect their products and adopt applications that drive new sources of revenue and business growth, there’s little debate that the way business is conducted will continue to change drastically. In order to meet today’s demands for connectivity, and anticipate tomorrow’s even-greater demands, M2M technology and service providers must find ways to accelerate customers’ time to market, while ensuring reliable, cost-effective solutions. 

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