AppCarousel Joins Alliance to Further Infotainment


Today’s connected consumers want connected cars. In-vehicle technologies—from GPS-enabled navigation systems to Bluetooth-enabled apps—are becoming so commonplace that they’re more than desirable, they’re expected. Automakers, along with service providers, app developers, and other ecosystem players are constantly working toward forward progress when it comes to connecting drivers to their vehicles, to each other, and, most of all, to the data they want and need.

AppCarousel,, a provider of app store solutions and content ecosystem services, has recently made a move to contribute to this forward progress in the connected-car space. The company announced it has joined the GENIVI Alliance,, a nonprofit association in the automotive and consumer-electronics industries that aims to further the development and adoption of an open-source development platform for in-vehicle infotainment.

According to the GENIVI Alliance, its mission is to drive the broad adoption of this platform by aligning requirements, delivering reference implementations, offering certification programs, and fostering an open-source community for in-vehicle infotainment. AppCarousel joins more than 180 other member companies to contribute to this mission.

AppCarousel says it plans to contribute to the alliance by bringing its expertise as a turnkey custom app store platform and its experience enabling app recruitment, curation, merchandising, distribution, and monetization. Together with other alliance members, the company hopes to deliver future-proof infotainment solutions.

As drivers increasingly depend on apps to maximize their in-vehicle experience, alliance members work to lower the barriers to entry and success within the infotainment space. This includes facilitating shortened development cycles and quicker time-to-market, as well as reduced costs for those developing the equipment and software that make these solutions tick.

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