Interactive Start Screen Adds Value to Devices


It seems the only predictable thing about the technology space is that it will inevitably be unpredictable. This becomes clear as innovative companies continue to enhance their devices and solutions to better serve the end user. For connected devices such as smartphones, the rate of innovation is so quick, it could make a person’s head spin.

A new partnership will contribute to this innovation by enriching consumers’ experience with their mobile devices. Celltick,, a provider of mobile-initiated commerce, has announced it will collaborate with Deutsche Telekom,, to give its Android subscribers single-touch access to their favorite, most frequented functions and applications via a customized version of Celltick’s Start.

Start is an Android interface that provides interactive functionality on devices’ start screens. The interface gives users the ability to personalize their devices, making the experience more efficient and intuitive. Celltick says Start will allow users to launch up to 24 apps—from social networks, to messaging and music or cloud services, which will give them an interface that is easier to navigate.

The solution is also assisted by an adaptive recommendation engine, which the company says “optimizes usage based on the user’s behavior and context.” The Start service will gradually roll out across Deutsche Telekom’s footprint, starting in Poland.

When it comes to connected devices, adding features that increase convenience and enhance usability is never a wasted effort. End users, whether it’s a consumer with an Android device or a business owner tracking remote assets, are always looking for solutions that add the most value to their life and business.

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