ParkSight 2.0 to Make Parking Data Retrieval More Efficient


Motorists know the traffic problems created when searching for a parking spot. The frustration of locating an open slot has been a problem for many years, and cities have sought out ways to gather specific data to help alleviate this issue. The analytics provided by ParkSight 2.0, just may be a step toward solving that annoying problem.

Streetline Inc.,, has unveiled a cloud-based, software-as-a-service application providing realtime and historical data, courtesy of its patented mesh network, thus offering up greater and more efficient data gathering for the parking industry.

According to the company, ParkSight 2.0 is an around-the-clock accessible tool that will aid parking management by doling out information to help alleviate congestion, increase space turnover, improve mobility, and improve the overall quality of life for residents and visitors. By having the ability to monitor parking every minute of every day, officials now have access to more concise data, which will maximize the potential of the real estate.

Sensors detect when a car is approaching and immediately relays information to the cloud. The platform reports on the use of a space, how often a vehicle uses the space, and the time a vehicle spends in that spot.

The program generates 19 standardized reports as well as customized reports that can be used to monitor parking behaviors. ParkSight 2.0 has the ability to take the information and break it down into specific categories for review including occupancy, turnover, and length of stay data. This data is critical to officials who are working to enhance economic growth and development in their cities and universities. 

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