T-Mobile Brings Cost Down for M2M Communication with eSIM


The cost of doing business in the M2M world between the United States and Canada just became a little more affordable. And, if things go as planned for T-Mobile, www.t-mobile.com, companies in the rest of the world will be able to use its new wireless communication system to help the bottomline as well.

T-Mobile has announced the development of its new programmable SIM (subscriber identity module), called eSIM, which will allow companies to drop roaming fees and replace them with a preferred network with an existing local data contract. As a result, companies will be able to save money in transmission fees that might, otherwise, cost them thousands of dollars a year. According to the company, this new venture is a tremendously cost-effective way for businesses to connect with each other and immerse themselves in the Internet of Things.

Canada is the first country to sign on to this new system and take advantage of having no roaming fees when visiting their neighbors to the south. However, T-Mobile is very confident in what it has to offer and is expecting to announce the addition of several more countries to this program before the end of the year.

The scope eSIM reaches beyond standard business operations as wearables, connected cars, and healthcare devices could provide the same benefits for consumers who use their connected devices. 

Advances in M2M technology are happening rapidly, and T-Mobile sees the eSIM as a way of maximizing the potential of the ever growing world of connected devices.

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