Facilitating Senior Independence


Many seniors find themselves placed into nursing homes, or living with an in-home care provider once they pass the point of caring for themselves. It’s a sticky situation in which most of these folks lose a sense of self by becoming dependent on others for their wellbeing. Essence, www.essence-grp.com, a home-care solution provider, will soon release its new Care@Home solution.

This new cloud-based technology is designed for the elderly and those who suffer from disease. Including a control panel, cloud technology, and a system to learn a person’s everyday routine, the program creates a personal pattern for each individual and is capable of sending out alerts if there is any deviation from that pattern.

Recording meal times and basic everyday activities, Care@Home sends alerts to health care providers and family members through various apps when a deviation to routine occurs, enabling them to act immediately. Essentially, the system watches the user enough so that they are able to maintain independence, while still maintaining peace of mind that if something goes wrong, help will come. Care@Home allows for users to age at home, independently and on their own terms.

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