Distracted Driving Addressed at Connected World Conference


Today marks the opening of the Connected World Conference for consumers, which is a show within the Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place. While the conference features connected devices for every aspect of a consumer’s life, the connected car and distracted driving is bound to be one of the big areas of discussion on the show floor today.

As one example, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, www.bvsystems.com, Metuchen, N.J., will be showcasing the TransitHound Cell Phone Detection System, which allows consumers to prevent distracted driving.

The product is an in-vehicle receiver that is designed to detect all cellphone use by distracted drivers. The TransitHound can also be paired with a camera and mobile DVR, which allows owners, dispatchers, and managers to keep an eye on drivers.

Here is how the system works: When any voice, text, or cellular data is detected from within the vehicle, the TransitHound timestamps the event and begins a video or still recording of the cellphone.

At the Connected World Conference, Berkeley Varitronics Systems will educate the public about safe driving by featuring a video loop of the recent accidents involving distracted drivers of trucks, buses, trains, and more.

In addition, Scott Schober, CEO and president, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, will be appearing live on The Peggy Smedley Show at 12 p.m. CT today. Peggy Smedley and Schober will sit down at the show to discuss the impact and solutions for distracted driving.

While this is just one example, the show will be full of announcements related to connected devices in home, healthcare, fitness, and so much more. Stay tuned.

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