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An innovator of semiconductor solutions for both wired and wireless communications, Broadcom Corp.,, announced that Haier,, has chosen Broadcom, WICED (wireless Internet connectivity for embedded devices) to power the company’s latest smart appliances.

Haier’s decision to shift to Internet capable appliances from traditional products is to maintain its innovative position. Haier’s plan is to eventually create a standardized interface between all Haier products, making them compatible with one another and easily interchanged.

WICED within Haier’s air conditioners, wine coolers, refrigerators, water heaters, and washing machines are all part of the company’s “Smart-Living” solutions. With this system, consumers are able to remotely control its appliances while they are anywhere, away from or at home. That should cause less worry and save time.

The Smart-Living system also includes controls for lighting, curtains, multimedia entertainment as well as security alarm monitoring. This allows for full wireless control of one’s home -- like the automated home of The Jetsons.

The WICED platform features a simple implementation of wireless connectivity, and allows for WiFi or Bluetooth, increasing consumer use of the IoT (Internet of Things) market. Increasing automation and requiring less worry, Haier’s new WICED powered appliances are a glimpse of what was once seen as science fiction.

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