Thin Film Slides into Silicon Valley


A company famous for its printed silicon electronics platform, Kovio, has been acquired by a company eager to make its mark, Thin Film, With this new investment, the company has now opened its own NFC (near field communication) Innovation Center to make their presence known in Silicon Valley.

Thin Film’s low-cost, disposable sensor labels enable autonomous information collecting which can then be easily read by NFC systems within mobile devices. Companies are slowly moving toward the idea of the “Internet of Things,” in which no human contact is needed in moving information over a network, and NFC will be a boon.

Thin Film’s acquisition will enable future applications including: verification of temperature, detection of humidity in walls of new construction, and the monitoring of patients with one-time use devices capable of testing blood-oxygen levels, pulse, and numerous other vital signs--all with the simple tap of an app on a phone.

Most of the applications acquired by Thin Film from Kovio are already supported by Google Android, and are readily able to move to other devices.

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