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The health and weight loss resort, H3 (Hilton Head Health),, has partnered up with Fitbit,, the activity tracker, to provide guests with wellness feedback. The retreat now includes an arrival package for each guest featuring a Fitbit tracker that can sync with the visitor’s smartphone or personal computer. So what’s the neat part? H3 has decided to absorb the entire cost of each Fitbit given to its guests. With prices maintained, guests are essentially receiving a free tool to continue their wellbeing after they leave.

The Fitbit tracker monitors personal activity including distances traveled, each toss and turn during the night, and calories consumed. Adam Martin, H3, brand manager, says, “When people monitor their steps they start naturally moving more.” It has been shown that users who wore the Fitbit activity tracker walked an additional 2,000 steps each day when compared to non-users.

The goal of this partnership is to ensure that guests continue maintaining their wellness even after their visit at the resort. Along with this partnership, H3 has added interactive online software with which guests can share their progress with others and continue to communicate with those they meet during their stay at the resort. The resort plan went into effect February 1 and it just might give us all a leg up thinking about Spring.

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