Schwinn’s Smart Bike Navigator


Schwinn,, introduced the CycleNav Smart Bike Navigator, the company’s first, mobile application that when paired with a handlebar-mounted device it gives riders turn-by turn audio and visual navigation. The device, when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, provides users with audio commands informing them what direction to go via flashing lights.

This accessory is hands-free allowing consumers to freely enjoy their bike ride with the confidence that they will not find themselves unwillingly off-roading. There is no need to pay attention to one’s phone while biking, allowing for a safe and secure trip.

It’s simple to work with the CycleNav as all cyclists need to do is set it up first by opening their Android or iPhone app, enter the destination address, and check the route to make any of the necessary adjustments depending on terrain and shortest distance and time. No worries if you miss the first audible direction, click the center chrome button and have the last instruction repeated.

The good news is that it clips to the handlebars so your attention is still focused on the path ahead, ensuring a safe ride. The company says it has 10 hours of battery life and is water resistant to handle the elements.

Not only can you create a custom route with the CycleNav, the connected gadget doubles as a bicycle headlight. Once your trip is complete, CycleNav records statistics and analyses from your journey to include distance and duration, even calories burned! The application allows for these statistics to be shared on any social networking site, so your friends can see your workout progress or the adventure you decided to take after work! It’s expected to ship this March.

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