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The recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) displayed tons of things that were intended to be worn. Many of these were created from a common set of chips and sensors as well as proprietary software and embedded technology. Take as an example the G-Series high-performance multisport wearable from a team comprised of Movea, www.movea.com, Xm-Squared, www.xm-squared.com, and Texas Instruments, www.ti.com. The G-series takes the user experience to a next level with energy-optimization for highly accurate activity tracking and advanced sports and sleep monitoring.

The now-available reference design kit, including a complete API (application programming interface), integrates Movea’s motion sensing expertise with its Motionsport embedded library and TI’s Bluetooth low-energy wireless connectivity solution into Xm-Squared’s wristband design. This combination delivers OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) an always-on, highly accurate, power-optimized, and fully integrated solution to quickly launch the next generation of devices for the exploding wearable market.

Movea is an established company in the development of motion technology, proving its expertise through several commercialized solutions for the sport and wellness markets. Based on benchmark tests, Movea’s sensor hub solution for wearable devices boasts accuracy and low-power scores.

Consider that Movea achieved a better than 95% success rate on activity detection, including in-transportation mode. A key feature in context-aware applications, in-transportation detection in a multisport bracelet enables devices to anticipate users’ next move based on what mode of transportation they’re using.

One common application of motion sensors in sports is step counting and Movea averaged the lowest error score compared to other commercial solutions. When the day is done, all the steps are counted, and the next stage is sleep, the unit is still important. Movea’s solution closely mirrors results from a PolySomnography, the gold standard employed in hospitals. In addition, Movea enables automatic sleep mode detection.

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