Wearable Fitness at CES


Wearable fitness technology is a hot trend at this year’s CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and both market favorites and new entrants are releasing products. Many of these devices are designed to track and monitor motion and record all the details for later analysis.

One new device is Spree from Hothead Technologies, www.hotheadtechnologies.com. This fitness monitor tracks body temperature, movement, and heart rate in an innovative way—it uses a headband instead of a chest strap or bracelet. The data is collected in realtime and streamed to a smartphone app that charts the user’s exertion and offer visual indicators when he or she reaches a goal.

According to Hothead Technologies, the forehead is one of the best spots to measure body temperature, so a headband provides a good way to measure this aspect of fitness while also offering comfort.

Another player in the wearable fitness device market is Fitbug, www.fitbug.com, which announced a series of personalized coaching aids for use with its tracker devices. Called Kik Plans, the aids are designed to work with the activity trackers to help users meet their fitness goals.

Kik Plans provide 12-week programs that use online and app-based tools, as well as webinars, dietary plans, and expert advice. The company says the plans are designed to address specific goals, such as getting ready for beach season or losing pregnancy weight.

Also during CES, Fitbug announced new products for its Orb line of trackers, adding new colors and expanding the range of compatible iOS and Android smart devices. Orb devices track movement and sleep patterns to help people understand their daily activity and make changes to improve fitness and health.

Many other companies also announced new fitness-tracking devices during CES, including Garmin, www.garmin.com, which announced the Vivofit line of smartwatches. If CES is any indication for the rest of year, wearable fitness devices would seem to be the hot item for 2014.

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