Business Gets Connected in 2014


One of the big predictions for 2014 is that M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) will see significant growth. With this, likely your job will become more connected in the year ahead. What will this connectivity mean for your business?

While each industry uses M2M and IoT in different ways, the value comes in the fact that connectivity provides realtime data for workers.

Take the construction industry as an example. A construction site is home to hundreds of pieces of equipment, from the smallest hammer to the largest earth-mover. More often these days, contractors are interested in tracking their materials and equipment to prevent loss and theft. RFID (radio-frequency identification) tagging offers a way to keep track of many assets on a jobsite.

To function at the highest level, RFID tracking systems need to work in harsh environments. Construction supplies may endure wind, rain, cold, and heat, and tags need to stand up to those conditions. To meet this need, Atlas RFID Solutions,, recently announced the certification of a new active RFID tag designed for use in harsh construction environments.

Called the Power 1, the new tag is designed specifically for the construction industry. Atlas RFID Solutions worked with Omni-ID,, to test and certify the new tag.

RFID use in construction is growing along with the overall industry. According to research firm IDTechEx,, the total RFID market for 2013 is worth $7.88 billion, which is up from $6.98 billion in 2012. The firm predicts this number will rise to $9.2 billion in 2014.

RFID tags in construction are often part of larger inventory management systems. By tagging materials and linking the tags to a database, contractors can understand when and where the assets are being used, as well as what materials are available. For example, tagging steel can help to more quickly sort large quantities of materials that may look similar.
The value of this type of technology can extend to any industry. With realtime data gathered from sensors and tags employees can be privy to information about a job. Stay tuned. 2014 will likely be a connected year for the enterprise.

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