M2M and IoT: How It Is Secured


The analyst forecasts for 2014 are out, and the predictions indicate M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) will see significant growth in the year ahead. However, as this growth occurs, many businesses and consumers using M2M and IoT may have some concerns regarding security and privacy.

Beecham Research, www.beechamresearch.com, has identified end-to-end solution security is the leading concern for both solution providers and adopters of new M2M solutions. An important element will be identifying right-sized security for M2M, so as “not to kill the M2M patient” with an over-enthusiastic interpretation of the threats and risks involved.

As the M2M and IoT market continues to develop, security will become a core component of many enterprise strategies. The good news is M2M deployments typically have security embedded within the network, with all the players in the M2M value chain having security solutions within their products.

For example, this week, Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corp., www.m2mi.com, announced it is advancing industry privacy options by aligning with the NIST Cyber Security framework for enterprise M2M and IoT solutions.

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), www.nist.gov, recently released the Preliminary Cyber Security Framework, which outlines a set of steps to provide businesses, suppliers, customers, and government agencies with guidelines for protecting critical information and IT infrastructure. This framework is based on feedback regarding standards, best practices, and guidelines and can be customized to various sectors and different sized organizations, while providing a consistent approach to cyber security.

Machine-to-Machine Intelligence’s enhanced M2M Cyber Security product within the M2M Intelligence platform ensures security and multi-level privacy for enterprises, with Lockbox technology for fine-grained control of data flow.

Still, while many M2M companies have security solutions within their products, businesses may still want to consider an overall privacy policy with regards to M2M and IoT.

Frost & Sullivan, www.frost.com, says cloud computing, mobility, and Big Data will impact the way security risk materialize. As such, businesses will need to develop a risk analysis policy in terms of data security, trust, and privacy.

As M2M and IoT continue to gain more interest at the enterprise level, security becomes a top consideration. While M2M companies have security included with the products, companies will also need to consider an overall corporate policy with regards to security and M2M.

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