Funding Brings Connected Car, Home Closer


There are a number of technology innovations surrounding the connected car these days, but one in particular is getting an infusion of funding from investors and could help connect the car to the home in the future. Will such an idea take off?

Initially launched nationwide in September, Zubie,, has generated interest from investors, raising $10 million in Series A funding. The Zubie Service uses a cellular device, called the Zubie Key, which plugs into the car’s OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port and captures data related to the vehicle and driving behavior. The company says the Zubie Service is unique in that it includes technology that allows it to be always on and always connected.

The data gathered from the Zubie Key can be accessed on the iPhone and Android devices, giving consumers a look at family safety location-based alerts, driving behavior reports, and other features to make driving easier. Zubie also plans to integrate the data with enterprise partners in the insurance, automotive services, and advertising industries.

Investors include Castrol innoVentures,, Comporium Inc.,, and OpenAir Equity Partners, With the news of the funding, the companies have also announced executives from Comporium and Castrol innoVentures will join the Zubie board of directors.

Interestingly, investor Comporium has experience in the connected home market and sees Zubie’s product potentially merging with the connected home in the future. John Barnes Jr., executive vice president of marketing and business solutions for Comporium and member of the Zubie board of directors, says the vision of the Zubie team aligns with Comporium’s view of the consumer’s evolving connected lifestyle.

Could this signal the beginning of closer ties between the connected car and the connected home? There is a growing trend as of late toward greater interconnectedness between the car, the home, energy, and healthcare. With funding announcements such as this, it seems our homes and cars could soon be connected.

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