New M2M Collaboration Aims for Speed, Cost Efficiency

The world of M2M and connected technology can be vast and complex, particularly for organizations with little to no experience with such technology. Thankfully, companies exist that can help inexperienced enterprises bridge the gap, and distribute connected solutions in the marketplace.

Cast in point: Today Ayla Networks,, announced a partnership with Murata Americas,, to enable manufacturers to bring connected devices to market quickly and economically.

Through this new partnership, Murata Americas will produce and market intelligent Wi-Fi modules containing the Ayla Embedded Agent Software, which securely links devices to the cloud. When integrated by manufacturers into their products, these modules can turn industrial, household, and consumer products into connected devices. As a result, consumers, manufacturers, and service providers will be able to remotely communicate with devices, collect data, and automate operations via Ayla Cloud Services, which manages the devices and the data they generate.

Ayla Cloud services allow manufacturers to reduce development risk and quickly deliver connected products by automating network configuration, security, system management, and over-the-air upgrades. The platform also allows manufacturers to scale to large product deployments by eliminating compatibility problems, network miscommunications, and security vulnerabilities, typically associated with in-house developed and first-generation Internet connectivity solutions. Customers can also link products to the cloud quickly via smartphones, and with remain connected during the product’s entire lifespan with the payment of a one-time fee.

Mehul Udani, general manager of Murata Americas, says one of the goals of this collaboration is to provide customers with a solution without necessarily having to discuss any of the more complex hardware or software elements. Udani says this allows businesses to continue doing what they do best.

“The companies we are targeting are already leaders in what they do,” Udani says. “They have products that are already serving some niche or some purpose for their customers. But the need to be connected … is becoming critical, to the point we are actually seeing new business models developed around it.”

Dave Friedman, CEO and cofounder of Ayla, says providing clients with a seamless solution prevents them from having to spend time outside their areas of expertise.

“We don’t make (our customers) do what they don’t know how to do,” Friedman says. “We dramatically reduce their time to market, and then give them something far more robust.”

Among the organizations benefitting from this collaboration is Sina Corp.,, which operates a Chinese Web portal with more than 500 million users. The company has already adopted Ayla technology and cloud services into its new consumer product lines.

To accelerate rapid prototyping by manufacturer development teams, the Ayla Design Kit has been introduced. The kit contains Murata Wi-Fi modules enabled with Ayla technology, as well as demo applications that allow developers to connect to Ayla cloud services.

Friedman says some of the largest companies in the world are going to start adding connectivity to their assets, once they come to understand what the data can do for them. While some manufacturers may not have networking expertise, he says, this is where Ayla and Murata enter the picture.

“The Internet of Things has begun to take off,” Friedman says. “We’ve already seen it in the adoption of smart thermostats and personal health monitors. With Murata’s collaboration, we are helping manufacturers to enter the market quickly.”

Ultimately, the concept of enterprise connectivity may come down to a sort of “survival of the fittest” scenario, as organizations that fail to see the connected world around them may wind up left behind.

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