A Global Approach to M2M


Connecting devices, equipment, and assets is no easy feat, especially for businesses that are looking to connect assets on a global basis. Having the right partners is key in order to bring a product to market. These days, M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) companies are entering into more partnerships in order to drive the use of M2M.

Last week, for example, NetComm Wireless, www.netcommwireless.com, announced an agreement with SYNNEX Corp., www.synnex.com, a Verizon Wireless distributor, www.verizon.com, to deliver M2M devices to Verizon Wireless’ sales channel in the United States through SYNNEX’ MOBILITYSolv group. With this, NetComm’s new M2M CDMA router, NWL-11, will come to the U.S. market.

This means verticals such as transportation, utilities, financial services, health, security, and retail will be able to connect remote assets and equipment to Verizon’s high-speed network for monitoring and control.

Interesting, the NWL-11 shares the same features as the Vodafone, www.vodafone.com, MachineLink 3G, meaning global enterprise customers can use the NWL-11 in the United States and Vodafone’s MachineLink 3G in markets outside of the United States, making for a complete solution for global M2M deployments.

This will enable enterprises to remotely connect assets anywhere in the world. For businesses thinking about connecting assets internationally, some parts of the world have very unique requirements. For example, the Brazilian government legislation will soon require stolen-vehicle tracking units in new cars and trucks starting in 2014. The Brazilian market is challenging to connect assets due to the extreme range of environments.

Addressing these factors in Brazil, CalAmp, www.calamp.com, and u-blox, www.u-blox.com, have entered into a partnership in order to specifically address vehicle telematics in Brazil. CalAmp’s plan is to quickly enter Brazil with rugged vehicle telematics units, and has chosen u-blox as a GPS receiver and cellular modem supplier for the line of devices. The companies already have an existing partnership for the U.S. market.

These days, businesses are looking to connect more devices, assets, and equipment. In fact, ARM, www.armholdings.com, says 75% of business leaders are looking at opportunities created by Internet of Things. As enterprises are looking to connect on a global or regional basis, the technology partnerships will be essential to driving development forward.

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