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Is your car connected? This is one of the big markets for M2M, and drivers stand to benefit, as connectivity in vehicles can turn automobiles into mobile hotspots. The technology can also provide access to data like never before; things like vehicle health alerts, tracking, and so much more.

The M2M community has put a big focus on adding connectivity to cars, focusing mostly on including such connectivity in new vehicles. However, some providers are also looking to connect existing cars as well.

Just this week, Delphi,, announced the launch of Delphi Connect with 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, which is a cloud-based automotive connectivity system in partnership with Verizon Wireless, With a system such as this, consumers can extend the smart technology they use at home to their cars, bringing 4G to the car and even allowing consumers to broadcast the connectivity to nearby smart devices using Wi-Fi.

The key takeaway is cars can turn into a mobile hotspot, but the partnership between Delphi and Verizon offers drivers more. Initially, Delphi and Verizon partnered last year to introduce Delphi Connect, which is a device that allows car owners to control, monitor, and track vehicles from anywhere. Functionality includes vehicle tracking, car locating, car locking or unlocking, car start, vehicle health alerts, and geofencing.

This latest announcement adds to the partnership by bringing 4G into the cars as well, so consumers have another option for where they access the data gathered from the Delphi Connect device. Consumers can now take advantage of a few new features as well: “breadcrumbs” to see the route the car took; rectangular geofences; remote logout and secure access to the app; and alert notifications sent directly to email or phone.

The device is compatible with nearly every vehicle sold since the 1996 model year and plugs into the OBD II port. Data gathered from the device can be viewed on the Delphi smartphone app, as well as a Delphi Web portal. Vehicle data is updated automatically, so consumers do not need to refresh.

Cars can provide a wealth of data. This insight will allow consumers to understand the vehicle and remotely control the car in realtime. Now, by bringing connectivity to the car, consumers can access this data on the go, extending the technology commonly used at home to vehicles.

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