V2V Means Security for Connected Car


The connected car is an accepted notion these days, as automakers and service companies all strive to bring more functions to the automobile. As car companies invest in new systems for their vehicles, many of the services being explored are related to safety and security.

Research has shown consumers are concerned about vehicle safety and it factors into their decision when selecting a car. A new study from the GAO (Government Accountability Office), www.gao.gov, an agency of Congress, found that V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) technologies could play an important role in car safety.

The GAO also said the development of V2V technologies has already progressed to the point of real-world testing. The report says that if widely deployed, V2V technologies could “provide warnings to drivers in as much as 76% of potential multi-vehicle collisions involving at least one light vehicle, such as a passenger car.”

V2V technologies allow cars to communicate with each other while on the road. Depending how it is implemented, V2V could provide a way for vehicles to alert a driver when a car senses a traffic jam ahead, or the potential for a collision. By networking cars together, information can be shared to help all vehicles respond better to road conditions.

The GAO says the benefit of V2V technologies will depend on the extent of the deployment and the effectiveness of warnings in prompting driver responses. The GAO cites the continuing work of the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.), www.nhtsa.gov, which is currently in the process of developing a plan for connected technologies in vehicles.

Automakers are also looking to add more connected safety technologies to vehicles, and service providers are lining up to assist them. One company, Sirius XM, www.siriusxm.com, is looking to move beyond its satellite radio roots to become a full-service connected vehicle platform.

Sirius XM recently announced the completion of its purchase of Agero, www.agero.com, a connected vehicle services business, which it had announced in August. The company said the acquisition will allow Sirius XM to become a “leading service provider of telematics and connected vehicle services.”

Sirius XM wants to provide an end-to-end telematics service, which would likely include safety and security functions. The deal may mark the beginning of a change in focus for the company, which is further cemented by the changing of the business unit name to Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services.

Safety features are just one of the considerations that went into selecting the finalists for this year’s Connected Car of the Year Awards. The awards honor vehicles in six categories that show a commitment to advancing technology in the vehicle through connectivity. Awards will be presented at a ceremony during the 2014 Connected World Conference, which is co-located with the Chicago Auto Show, Feb. 6-17, 2014.

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