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Major tech firms have been pushing further into M2M and the Internet of Things, rolling out new solutions aimed at simplifying deployment and management of devices. These solutions go to the heart of business needs, putting data to work to improve operations.

One industry putting M2M into practice is HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning). With a large number of units to manage, companies can benefit from connected solutions. Daikin Applied,, is a manufacturer of HVAC, refrigeration, and building management equipment and systems. The company is using a solution from Intel,, that is geared toward the Internet of Things.

Intel recently announced new products for enabling the Internet of Things, including the Atom processor E3800 product family, a new family of intelligent gateway solutions, and new features for the Quark SoC X1000.

Daikin Applied is using the Intel-based intelligent gateway solutions with its commercial HVAC equipment. Daikin will deploy an end-to-end solution for the equipment, connecting its existing Rebel rooftop units. The gateway will allow the units to send data to the cloud, where it can then be aggregated and analyzed.

The data collected from the rooftop units will enable Daikin to provide value-added services to customers, such as realtime HVAC unit performance, remote diagnostics, monitoring and control, advanced energy management, and third-party content integration services.

Kevin Facinelli, executive vice president at Daikin Applied, says, “Using the Intel technology in the Daikin Rebel rooftop units will allow building owners to better manage the performance of their buildings. This includes keeping the system in prime operating condition and keeping building occupants comfortable.”

Some of the maintenance features they will receive include predicting fan or motor failures and receiving alerts when filters need to be changed. “On the operations side, the system can sync with the weather forecast to adjust before the climate changes, and it’s capable of generating financial summaries that will include energy savings and equipment payback,” Facinelli says.

The Intel-based intelligent gateway solution features integrated software from McAfee,, and Wind River,, including McAfee Embedded Control and the Wind River Intelligent Device Platform. The additional hardware and software included in the gateway will help to more quickly develop, prototype, and deploy application services, says Intel. Overall, data will be more easily shared between devices and cloud, leading to easier integration of data into business processes.

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