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A connected city can encompass a wide variety of applications. Everything from water systems, to road planning, to street lights and more are options when looking at the ways M2M can make a city smarter and more efficient. Software solutions also play an important role in managing the data so cities can make the right decisions.

New software solutions from IBM,, are designed to help cities achieve a deeper insight into their operations. The company’s IBM Smarter Cities Intelligent Operations software uses cloud-based analytics to manage all the information.

The software is delivered in the IBM SmartCloud, which is an open cloud platform dedicated to the secure exchange of information. By supplying software through a cloud-based system, IBM allows cities to reduce their capital expenses and adopt the service on a pay-as-you-go model.

IBM Smarter Cities Intelligent Operations software features new enhancements, including water efficiency analytics that analyze the performance of city water systems. The feature allows cities to predict pipe failure and optimize pressure in their distribution networks. The software also includes an infrastructure planning feature to create budget forecasts.

In one example, a waterfront revitalization project is using the IBM Intelligent Operations Center to integrate data sources and develop realtime visualizations of information. Waterfront Toronto is launching an online tool where residents can connect with neighbors, businesses and service providers in their area. Via the portal, users can view city-wide data on Web-enabled devices.

Another city, Cambridge, Ont., is using IBM’s software to analyze various pieces of information together in one system. The software’s algorithms can predict examples of city infrastructure that may fail, such as pipes and roadways. IBM says cities can tell ahead of time if a sewer pipe should be re-lined or replaced entirely, and what other improvements should be handled at the same time.

By planning ahead for maintenance and improvement projects, cities can save money and decrease the chance of service interruption to residents. Data analysis provides this deeper look into the inner workings of cities around the world.

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