Microsoft Prepares for New Surface and Xbox Offerings

We all know the old saying: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This week, one tech giant announced it’s doing just that with its new contributions to both the tablet and gaming markets—two significant categories for connected devices.

When Microsoft,, announced its revenue for the quarter that ended June 30, 2013, the company reported a $900 million charge related to “Surface RT inventory adjustments.” The company would later lower the tablet’s price from $499 to $350.

The news now centers on Microsoft making charging forward in the market for tablets with the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2. The company is hoping to reposition itself in the market, says Karl Volkman, a Microsoft-certified systems engineer and data administrator. Volkman is also the chief technology officer at end-to-end solutions provider SRV Network,

“Microsoft took a hefty loss with the Surface RT tablet earlier this year when they cut the price, so the hope is that the new versions will be greatly improved and give them better positioning in the market, Volkman says. “The new versions boast a better design, a hardware update, and improved battery life.”

The Surface Pro 2 is an updated version of the original Surface Pro tablet, which is designed for business professionals, and reportedly has a 60% better battery life. The Surface 2 is the successor to the Surface RT. In addition to improved battery life, the tablet has a new chip which aims to improve speed and performance.

“The second generation of Surface has better hardware, a sleeker design, and improved battery life,” Volkman says. “Microsoft appears to be on the right track as they move their business away from the traditional computer and into the tablet and mobile sector. It’s a fiercely competitive market, but the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 might have what it takes to move Microsoft in the right direction.”

The tablet industry isn’t the only space Microsoft is aiming to stay competitive in. On November 22, the company will release the Xbox One, which it hopes will set a new standard in console gaming. The system will allow players to easily switch back and forth between watching television and playing a game, new social media capabilities, updated motion control capabilities via a next-generation Kinect system, new cloud-enabled features, and more.

It appears that in a competitive market, even the Microsofts of the world have to stay on top of their game at all times. Otherwise, they may risk being left behind by competitors with their proverbial fingers accurately placed on the pulse of the market.

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