M2M Eases Driving Concerns


Today’s drivers have a lot of on their minds: the cost of gas has gone up, distracted driving has increased as consumers search for ways to multitask behind the wheel, and the roads have become more congested. Add in the fact that roughly nine out of 10 motorists are more reliant on their car today than 25 years ago, and these driving worries become a top priority for many.

RAC Motoring Services, www.rac.co.uk, a provider of services for both private and business motorists in the United Kingdom, releases an annual report on motoring trends. The 2013 Report on Motoring survey not only identified the fact that motorists are more reliant on their cars, but also recognized cost and safety as being two top concerns among drivers.

While distracted driving was one of the key fears when it comes to safety behind the wheel, 86% of survey respondents also recognized the cars produced today are far safer than they were just 25 years ago. This is partly due to the fact that the cars are equipped with M2M technology.

In line with this trend toward making vehicles safer, RAC is launching a new telematics platform for commercial and consumer services, enhancing its roadside assistance, insurance, vehicle inspection and checks, and other services.

In order to launch the RAC Advance solution, Novatel Wireless, www.nvtl.com, is supplying its MT 3060 device and is licensing its N4A Device Manager software to RAC. Novatel will also host the management of the RAC devices. The MT 3060 platform, which has an accelerometer, GPS/GNSS, and crash-detection capabilities, inserts into the OBDII port of a vehicle, collects vehicle data, and sends that data to cloud-based technology.

Using Novatel’s technology, the RAC Advance solution will remotely communicate diagnostic information to identify certain vehicle faults before they occur. In the event of a breakdown, a response team will have access to onboard diagnostics software in order to identify the fault and find the location of the vehicle.

The solution will also provide drivers with services for crash detection, fuel savings, driver scoring, and fleet management, among others. The new platform can help ease drivers’ concerns behind the wheel, making cars safer while also saving some money.

As M2M, through telematics, make its way into more vehicles, drivers will have that peace of mind in knowing the vehicle is a little bit safer and will be able to alleviate some of the costs of fuel.

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