Summer Festivals Get Connected with RFID


RFID is one of the hottest accessories at festivals this summer, granting attendees access to certain areas and even in some cases allowing cashless payments. If you sported a wristband at an event this year, chances are it may have been embedded with connected M2M technology. But these bracelets don’t just benefit the event organizers; the wristbands also create a more engaging experience for festival goers.

While RFID wristbands aren’t exactly new, how the technology is being used has evolved. PDC’s,, Smart Band RFID Wristband System, for example, has been used at music festivals and similar venues for years, but now the wristbands can do more than they have in the past.

At a southern California music festival this summer, PDC provided more than 350,000 RFID-enabled wristbands, which granted general admission, VIP, staff, artists, and production access to certain areas of the event. More so than that, festival attendees could also integrate the wristband with social media, checking in on Facebook at their favorite stage. This bracelet also has a new SecurLock closure, preventing patrons from sharing.

Festivals are also upping the use of M2M and RFID, introducing cashless payments across venues. At Harley Davidson’s Open Road Festival in Europe, which took place in June, all attendees were issued RFID wristbands, which gave access to enter and exit the site and post Facebook status updates and photos from sponsor zones.

This event was also the first to adopt the Intellipay cashless payment system from Intellitix,, which meant patrons could quickly make transactions at food, bar, and merchant booths using the technology.

That’s not all. At the Open Road Festival, these wristbands were used to do something a bit unconventional: capture bike license plate numbers. With these numbers stored on the wristband only the bike’s owner could leave the site with the motorcycle.

The technology from Intellitix was also used at other festivals this summer, including Stavernfestivalen and Slottsfjell in Norway in July.

The next time you are at a music festival or summer event, take a closer look at that wristband. It just might contain embedded M2M technology, providing you an opportunity to interact with the bracelet in unique ways.

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