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Tracking fleets is no easy task, yet knowing where vehicles are located and the condition of the assets is critical. For years, M2M and GPS technology have been used in city fleets, construction assets, and more to keep an eye on the location of the asset and the overall health of the vehicle. Now, U.S. forces have found another use for M2M: fuel security.

Late last week, ORBCOMM, www.orbcomm.com, announced it has completed shipment of its fuel-monitoring system, GlobalTrak, to U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan to prevent theft of fuel.

Here is how the system works: A tracking device sends location, fuel level, and security status data via cellular and satellite communication networks to a central monitoring center, which can be accessed via the Web. This allows the necessary personnel to keep an eye on fuel on an ongoing basis. The system can also generate reports and metrics.

What’s more, sensors installed in chambers of a fuel tanker and wireless security seals can be connected to valves or other fuel access points. With this, an alarm can be sent in the event of a sudden breach or change in fuel level, alerting the staff at the exact moment a violation occurs so action can be taken immediately.

The DLA (Defense Logistics Agency), www.dla.mil, selected GlobalTrak for both fuel-level monitoring and security of the fuel ports and valves. Customers include numerous fuel companies that have been contracted by the DLA to deliver fuel to critical points around Afghanistan.

ORBCOMM says a team has been deployed to manage the on-site installation and the launch of the GlobalTrak system.

The value of this type of technology could extend well beyond Afghanistan, as fuel theft is prevalent in many other areas of the world. ORBCOMM already sees a growing market need for fuel security in areas outside Afghanistan including Africa, Latin America, and other parts of the Middle East.

With the advent of this technology, the company’s CEO Marc Eisenberg says the solution could also become a deterrent to fuel theft in both military and commercial zones throughout the globe.

M2M and fuel-monitoring technology can be used to help prevent theft of fuel in a number of industries, addressing the need for increased security across the globe.

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