Big Data Hits the Road with Fleets


For many enterprise organizations, being able to leverage Big Data can help the business run more efficiently. Today, Big Data extends to more than just tech-savvy enterprises; the use of analytics is becoming a mainstream tool for all businesses. Telematics and fleet-management technology is one area Big Data plays a big role.

Consider any company with a fleet of vehicles to manage. Operators need to know the fleet’s location, vehicle health, and even driver’s behaviors. Big Data associated with these metrics can help improve routing and save on expenses such as gas.

Technology providers continue to come to market with new and advanced solutions to enable businesses to take Big Data to the road—all across the globe.

Today, Geotab announced the launch of a new tracking device for the European market. The GO7 device monitors vehicle location, driving behavior, and fleet health, and integrates with Geotab’s GPS fleet-management software MyGeotab.

The launch of GO7 in more than 100 countries across Europe and Asia comes as a result of Geotab completing certification on the Telenor Connexion,, global network, which will enable Geotab to expand fleet telematics overseas.

By expanding its geographic boundaries, customers of Geotab will have reliable service and will be able to manage vehicles and drivers across the globe.

Big Data is essential to improving operational efficiencies of the fleet. For example, managers can know a vehicle is going to need maintenance before it is needed. Or an exec can even identify aggressive driving behaviors on the part of a particular driver and address the situation. The list of potential value of Big Data for the fleet goes on and on; however, learning up to properly leverage that data is another story altogether.

For companies searching for the best method to gather and analyze fleet data or re-evaluating an existing strategy, Geotab will be presenting on Big Data Collection and the Role of Telematics at the Connected World Conference, June 10-13, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif.

Big Data is now more than just a buzzword. Big Data associated with telematics in particular is reshaping how businesses can improve safety and sustainability. For any business looking to leverage telematics for the first time or refine an existing practice, creating a strategy surrounding Big Data will be key.

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