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With the warmer months fast approaching, families will soon be spending more time outdoors. With this comes the need to keep a close eye on four-legged friends. Enter M2M, GPS, and connected devices. Consumers have a number of options to track pets—and with summer on the horizon now might be a good time to consider connecting animals.

Here is one option to keep an eye on furry friends in the backyard: a Wi-Fi dog fence.,, recently added its WiFi Dog Fence system to its line of products. The Smart Station and Pet Link collar are connected and constantly link the distance between the dog and the Smart Station, tracking the location of pets in the backyard. The company says since it is Wi-Fi this fence eliminates the need to bury a wire in the ground.

Here is an alternative for families with on-the-go pets: A GPS pet locater that attaches to a pet’s collar allows the owner to access location data via a smartphone or connected device. As an example, Securus,, released its SpotLite 2.0 earlier this month.

What’s unique about this device? The lightweight GPS tracker attaches to the pet’s collar and has an SOS button. When pressed, the owner will be alerted. Users can also receive turn-by-turn GPS directions to recover lost pets. The new version of SpotLite is waterproof—perfect for dogs that love the water—and has an enhanced battery design that will hold a charge for up to a week when in use or between two and three weeks in standby mode.

The company providing the technology has built a M2M platform that enables partners to develop hardware and software GPS solutions. Securus’ strategy is to partner with leading companies in various verticals to provide best-of-breed GPS solutions. In addition to pets, Securus has products for tracking college students, individuals with special needs, senior citizens, children, and law enforcement.

Another example of a GPS-tracking solution that affixes to an animal’s collar comes from Location Based Technologies, The company provides PocketFinder locators for vehicles, people, and pets.

Last year, in partnership with a reseller, Location Based Technologies conducted several feasibility studies to determine if there was a market for tracking devices in Ecuador. Earlier this month, the company announced it is beginning sales in Ecuador. The technology can now integrate foreign SIMs (subscriber identity modules) into its products, allowing Location Based technologies to expand into other parts of the world.

Whether you choose a Wi-Fi fence or a GPS device connected to your pet’s collar, M2M can allow you to keep a close eye on your pets this summer.

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